How Shipping Software Can Boost Your Ecommerce Business

By Amylee Silva
August 17, 2023
Business owner using shipping software for ecommerce

Shipping can make or break your ecommerce business. It takes just one bad shipping experience for customers to abandon your store and seek out your competitors.

In fact, research shows that 87% of shoppers would opt out of buying from a retailer if the process is below par.

Shipping can be even harder to manage when you’re running a small ecommerce business. But Shipping software can solve this problem and help your ecommerce business grow.

In this blog post, we are going to explore how shipping software can save time, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience.

Shipping Software for Ecommerce: Why it is a Smart Investment for Small Businesses

Customers expect their purchases to arrive quickly and in excellent condition. However, managing shipping can be time-consuming, expensive, and prone to mistakes. This is where shipping software for e-commerce comes into play.

Streamlined Shipping Process

Shipping software automates and optimizes all aspects of shipping, making it a seamless experience for consumers. The software allows small businesses to manage all their orders, shipping rates, and tracking information in one location. The end-to-end shipping process will be smoother, and consumers will be more satisfied with their purchases.

Automatic Shipping Rates Calculation

Shipping software can help automate the calculation of shipping rates. The software can get shipping rates directly from shipping carriers, eliminating the need to calculate shipping costs manually. Shipping software can also automatically collate the shipping documents needed to fulfill the shipment, saving a lot of time that can be invested in other business activities.

Accurate Pricing

Shipping software allows small businesses to provide accurate shipping rates to their customers. The software calculates shipping costs based on the product’s weight and destination, ensuring your business is not overcharged. Additionally, shipping software can integrate with different carriers, providing you with comparative pricing to choose from.

Time and Cost Savings

Shipping software can save small businesses time and money by automating tedious tasks like printing shipping labels and calculating shipping rates.

These automated tasks free up valuable time for small business owners that they can use to focus on other essential tasks like marketing or working on their business goals.

Batch Printing Shipping Labels

Shipping can become a headache when multiple packages need to be shipped. With shipping software, you can easily print shipping labels for multiple packages. By using batch printing, you can save time and optimize your printing process.

Integration with Your ecommerce store

Integrating your eCommerce platform with your shipping software allows for automatically inputting customer details and order information, saving valuable employee time.

As soon as a customer places an order, shipping software can automatically generate a shipping label or packing order for your employee to fulfill.

This reduces the manual processing time for order fulfillment, ensuring your customers receive their packages on time.

Better Customer Experience

Shipping software can also improve the customer experience by providing better tracking visibility. Most shipping software has the capability of providing a tracking number, which customers can track the package status so that they can anticipate the delivery time.

Better visibility of package status creates a sense of trust in your customers and helps to prevent customer disappointment caused by a lack of package updates which will also result in customer satisfaction and repeat purchase.

Save on Shipping

Shipping software can optimize shipping, saving you money on shipping fees. Shipping software helps identify the best carrier for shipping a package and the cheapest shipping option. The software also saves money by eliminating manual errors and minimizing package weight and dimensions. Reducing shipping fees can help you compete on pricing with other e-commerce businesses and potentially increase your profit margins.

Shipping software for ecommerce is a smart investment for small businesses. It improves the shipping process, provides accurate pricing, saves time and costs, integrates with online stores, and enhances the customer experience.

Small businesses can streamline their shipping process by investing in shipping software and focusing on growing their business.

So, if you want to provide a seamless shipping experience to your customers, invest in shipping software today—your customers, and your bottom line, will thank you.

Stay ahead of the competition and invest in the best shipping software for your business today!

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