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Proudly Canadian!
We are a Female Founded,
Diverse Team of
Technology & Logistics

We believe there is a better way to service customers and manage logistics: by offering a simple,
user-friendly solution that saves you money, time and eliminates the pain and frustration
experienced in courier shipping today.

We are a Multi-Courier
Shipping Solution for
Canadian B2B and B2C


Operate with Transparency

Offering our customers full visibility to all shipping data, directly from each courier, invoicing details. Showing every detail on billing and making it easy to understand, showing you how each dollar is spent so that you have the information you need to manage your business.

Build Trusted, Long Term Relationships

We are here to support you, we care about your business, keeping it simple and easy to understand.

Customer First Approach

We take your feedback seriously, solution oriented, always work on your behalf to get you what you need to grow your business, speak to a human that wants to help.


Francine Goulet
Founder & CEO

Depth of Expertise:

Having over 28 years experience in both IT and Supply Chain Logistics, Francine observed many industries quickly being disrupted by technology, she knew that it was just a matter of time the transportation sector.

Francine identified the courier sector as an industry that was highly underserviced, low tech, where most of the customers experienced pain trying to manage their business.

After many one-on-one interviews with her long-term clients, the results were obvious, customers wanted simple, easy access to low cost, user friendly, courier shipping.

  • 2024: ShipSimple launches their Shopify Shipping App. Becoming Canada's #1 Choice for Ecommerce Shippers!
  • 2023: CourierGateway is rebranded to ShipSimple representing a new, modern user interface, with new couriers, new, improved pricing.
  • 2021: Francine launched "RailGateway", an Intermodal Rail Shipping service.
  • 2016: CourierGateway was born and quickly became one of Canada's leading courier shipping solutions validating Francine's business model and predictions.
  • 2004: Francine has been a Founding Partner in North Atlantic International Logistics since 2004. In her role as VP of Sales, she helped grow revenue for 16 consecutive years. The company's impressive growth resulted in becoming a 4-time award winner of Profit Magazine's Fastest Growing Companies.

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