Are there any fees for ShipSimple's Shopify App?

No, ShipSimple's Shopify App does not charge any installation or subscription fees; instead, users pay solely based on their usage, with charges applied as they purchase labels, ensuring a flexible and cost-effective approach to shipping management.

Does ShipSimple offer live rates at check-out?

While ShipSimple does not offer live rates at checkout, Shopify orders are synced to your ShipSimple account, where you get to compare rates on the ShipSimple Platform. Once a shipment has been fulfilled, the shipping information is automatically shared to your Shopify Account.

If I don’t have my weights entered in for each product, can I enter them in on ShipSimple when I’m ready to fulfil/ship?

Yes! If you do not have weights entered for each product in your Shopify Store, you are able to manually enter them at the time of label creation.

Does ShipSimple allow me to enter in package dimensions for accurate rates?

Yes! On ShipSimple, you are able to set Fallback Dimensions to use in the event dimensions are not entered on Shopify, and you are also able to manually enter this information at the time of label creation.

Does ShipSimple allow me to manage how I want to package multi-product orders?

Yes! When fulfilling a multi-product order on ShipSimple, you will indicate how many packages the shipment contains, and which products are within each package.

If weights are pre assigned to products on the Shopify Store, the weights will automatically be totaled for the box they are in.

Is ShipSimple's Shopify App easy to install?

YES! ShipSimple's Shopify App is not only incredibly easy to install, it's also very easy to use, and FREE of charge! It is by far the easiest app on the market!

In the event that you do require assistance, we have a number of demo videos for you to refer to & live support agents standing by, ready to assist!

Can I rate shop with multiple couriers?

Yes! ShipSimple makes rate shopping a breeze! Simply enter the shipments information and you will be presented with many different rates to choose from.

We even provide you with different service levels, estimated transit times, estimated & guaranteed delivery dates so that you can make the most educated decision for your business!

ShipSimple offers discounted shipping rates with the following trusted couriers: GLS, Loomis, Canada Post, Purolator, and DHL.

Can I manage order fulfillment?

Yes! ShipSimple makes order fulfillment...simple!

After you have synced your Shopify orders to ShipSimple, it's as easy as clicking "Ship" when you're ready to fulfill an order!

Once a shipping label has been created for an order, the order status on the Shipment History & Tracking page will change to "Fulfilled" and your Shopify dashboard will be updated with the shipping information. How's that for efficient?!

From the same page, you are also able to live track the shipment from Pickup to Delivery! Under Account Settings, you can also turn on email notifications, so not only you, but your customer too, will receive tracking updates on their order!

Is my tracking and courier information sent to my Shopify dashboard?

Yes! After your label purchase is complete, the shipment information is automatically sent to your Shopify Dashboard for easy management of all activity.

Can I request pickups?

Yes! Requesting a pickup is easy on ShipSimple!

Once a label has been created and affixed to your parcel, simply visit the Request Pickups & Drop Offs tab, and select Pickup on the shipment you need picked up. Fill in the necessary information, and your pickup has been requested. Please remember that Pickups are requests only and cannot be guaranteed.

TIP: We highly recommend providing the largest window of opportunity when requesting a pickup to increase the flexibility for the driver.

Please note, Canada Post charges $4.50 for pickups, where our other couriers do not have a pickup fee. You are able to drop your shipment off at the nearest Canada Post Office, free-of-charge, however.

Are there minimum shipping volumes required to get access to your discounts?

No! ShipSimple does not require customers to reach certain volume requirements in order to have access to our discounted rates. We offer huge discounts to all customers!
For those with very high shipping volumes, please contact us to discuss how we can offer specialized pricing discounts.

How does billing work?

Here's what you can expect:

On a weekly basis you will be sent two documents:

1. Invoice Summary
2. Excel spreadsheet showing a detailed breakdown of all charges
- Quoted & post-delivery charges for purchased labels.

- Click here to understand why there may be a variance charged by the courier.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are any charges that you feel that are incorrect, please advise us promptly so we can investigate and dispute the charge on your behalf.

Why is the Invoice Summary showing a different amount than the original quote?

The price quoted to you at the time of label creation, is a quotation only, and is based on the information entered. Once the courier has picked up the shipment, the parcel(s) will be remeasured, weighed, and assessed, before delivery. If there are any variances between the information entered and what the courier has confirmed, this may result in additional charges and will be reflected in the final charge. We will provide a weekly invoice summary and detailed breakdown outlining any applicable variances and the reasons for each. Click here for more information.