How do I sign up?

Easy - just click 'Sign up Free' from the top right, enter in your email address and follow the simple steps to set up your new Shipsimple account.

Is there a cost to sign up for an account?

Nope! Create an account for free

How many couriers do you have discounted rates with?

We have discounted rates with four courier partners - Canada Post, Purolator, GLS, and Loomis Express

Can I schedule a pickup or do I need to drop off my shipment?

Have the courier come pickup directly from you for no extra cost!

What kind of shipments can I ship with ShipSimple?

You can send domestic and global shipments that are small parcels, up to 150lbs

Are there any volume commitments to get the discounted rates?

No, all of our customers have access to our amazing discounted rates, regardless of how many you ship

Can I start shipping right away?

Absolutely! Just set up your account and get instant access!

Can I track my shipments?

Absolutely! We have live, real-time tracking available with all of our courier partners.

How can I get a quote?

Just sign up for your free account and get instant access to all of our discounted rates

How do I pay for my shipments?

We have an automated payment process, accepting credit card payments through our secure payment processing partner Stripe

Do I need a label printer?

We provide the labels in pdf and jpeg format so a label printer is not required. If you have one, we also provide them in zpl format

Is ShipSimple a Canadian company?

We are proudly Canadian owned and operated, Oh Canada!