Save Big! Unleash Cheap International Shipping from Canada in 2024

By Mona Sohal
February 14, 2024
Cheap International Shipping From Canada

So, you’re looking for an affordable and reliable shipping service? Remember that last time you waited forever for a package? Yeah, it’s not a good feeling. Whenever you’re looking for cheap international shipping from Canada, make sure your customers get lightning-fast deliveries and super-safe security.

Disappoint them, and they’ll vanish quicker than a ninja, taking your business with them. Remember, happy customers mean happy business! But don’t forget, you’ve got to keep costs under control too. Optimize your delivery process to be both speedy and affordable; that’s the winning formula!

Lost in the international shipping maze? Confused by different customs and prices? Please do not worry, adventurer! This blog unlocks the secrets to secure and cheap international shipping from Canada. So, ditch the overwhelm, grab your metaphorical passport, and let’s conquer overseas deliveries!

What Causes The Prices To Be High?

Canada’s size and spread-out population make shipping tricky. They know shipping can be pricey! But why? Here are the key factors affecting it :

  • Geography: Our vast land and spread-out population mean longer distances, higher transportation costs, and trickier logistics.
  • Weather: Harsh winters and unpredictable conditions slow things down, raising fuel costs and requiring special handling.
  • Limited Infrastructure: Not enough roads and transport options in some areas create delays and higher costs.
  • Remote Areas: Serving customers in distant, hard-to-reach places with fewer delivery options means extra expenses.
  • Customs: Clearing goods through customs takes time and paperwork, leading to potential fees and delays.
  • Taxes: Tariffs and import/export taxes add to the cost of international shipping.
  • Fuel: Fluctuations in fuel prices impact how much carriers charge.

The Postal services works and provides various facilities to lessen the cost effects from these factors.

Available Postal Services

Ever felt like international shipping was sending you down a rabbit hole?  Forget the friendly neighborhood mailman; you’re navigating customs forms, carrier choices, and a price tag that can make your wallet cry!  

But fear not, explorer! Those problems exist for a reason, keeping your precious shipment safe and sound. Now, let’s untangle this web and make global shipping easier for you!

Canada Post

They are the primary postal service of Canada, offering a wide range of services for both individuals and commerce, including shipping, marketing, and professional solutions.

Canada Post has been offering such services since its founding in 1867 and has been a trusted name in the medium. Providing delivery service regardless of area or city with their extensive and trustworthy network.

And the best part is that these facilities are not just limited to domestic services but also extend internationally. Designed to provide secure and on-time deliveries on a global scale.

The aim is to do this by offering various shipping options, which also include tracked and untracked services. This allows the customers to choose specific services, all according to their business needs.

The goal is to achieve this by offering a range of shipping choices, such as tracked and untracked services. This gives people the freedom to pick what they want.

Canada Post also offers various online tools for customers to streamline the whole selection process. These tools include shipping calculators and customs documentation support tracking facilities. 

They work alongside various international postal organizations to make delivery more convenient.

Canada Post offers reliable service with many options, but keep in mind that they can be pricey. 


German Parcel and General Logistics Systems, commonly known as GLS, is a leading provider of less-than-truckload and truckload services in the United States.

They are a reliable, cost-effective and efficient logistics company that helps businesses manage their supply chain distribution necessities.

Apart from helping local businesses bloom, GLS also boasts an extensive network throughout Europe as a single provider. GLS offers parcel delivery throughout Europe, with a standard delivery time of in-between 24 and 48 hours.

The best part? They have attractive rates according to your delivery needs and preferences. And you can plan your shipments on their website.


Loomis International helps all kinds of customers ship things within the country and overseas, with options to fit different needs.

Need it there fast? Or want to save on costs? Loomis has got you covered with both regular and express shipping options. They can handle anything from small packages to big shipments, going near or far.

Although their cost of delivery varies for different destinations, it is easy to find out the rates for different zones using their website.


Purolator is Canada’s major courier network, and they are both flexible and reliable with their deliveries and prices. Whether you need to send a package or a freight consignment, they’ve got you covered.

Additionally, they also facilitate service alerts, tracking, and customer-friendly policies like a money-back guarantee and easy return management. All to allow the customer to have a moment of peace while their parcels are being delivered.

Now, apart from providing remarkable services, do they ship at competitive rates?

Their cheap international shipping from Canada services are provided in mainly three categories. They are available for both express and ground shipping.

The popular services they provide are –

  • Purolator Express International with 9 AM Guaranteed
  • Purolator Express International with 12 PM Guaranteed
  • Purolator Express International 


With DHL’s deep roots in Canada and vast global connections, Canadian businesses can easily reach customers worldwide, boosting their success.

The company offers quick distribution services with advanced tracking and real-time updates for the customer’s peace of mind. Along with the necessary proficiency that will help you clear general customs procedures.

Of course, just like rates from any other delivery service, rates might change for this too. It’s always advised to check DHL’s updated rates on their website for up-to-date prices. 

Get Your Money’s Worth Out Of Global Shipping  

The current global shipping landscape presents a complex and dynamic environment. Countless carriers offer a multitude of options, often at fluctuating prices. Navigating this intricate web can be a daunting task, even for seasoned shippers. Worry not, a solution for cheap international shipping from Canada exists!

Feeling lost in the maze of shipping options? You’re not alone. With countless carriers and ever-changing prices, figuring it out can be a nightmare. But fear not, there’s a solution!

Introducing ShipSimple, a revolutionary online platform designed to streamline the shipping process for all. No endless searches, no comparing quotes, no headaches. Just sign up, answer a few quick questions about your package, and BAM!

Like magic, a display of the best shipping options appears, all with their best prices displayed front and center. That’s the beauty of this amazing platform! You tell it where your shipping needs to go, and it searches the shipping galaxy to find the most affordable, most efficient path. And the only thing you have to do is select your preferred destination and pricing needs.

Finishing Words

Crossing borders with your products? If you do, don’t let the “moderate” price tag scare you off! Canada offers a treasure trove of options for cheap international shipping from Canada, each serving your unique shipping needs. 

Think of it as a buffet of choices with prices that won’t leave you feeling like a starving businessman.

The key? Finding the perfect fit. Our suggestion? Choose the option that best suits your parcel’s size, speed, and budget. And get ready to send your packages globetrotting without breaking the bank! And be part of the rising parcel shipping industry in Canada.

Please keep in mind that shipping rates fluctuate. So before doing any shipping, do check up on recent updated rates.


Is It Difficult To Ship To Canada?

Shipping to Canada is usually more problematic with controlled and restricted items. Anything chemical, combustible, or marketable in nature will necessitate special authorizations from customs. And packages weighing more than 150 pounds will be sent via freight label.

What Is The Best Shipping Method To Canada?

If a lightweight parcel is being delivered and needs to be sent at a designated time. Priority Mail International guarantees delivery within a timeframe of 6 to 10 days to Canada. On the other hand, Priority Mail Express International delivers within 3 to 5 days when shipping to Canada.

Does Canadian Customs Check Every Package?

All packages entering Canada undergo a mandatory inspection by designated Canada Border Services Agency personnel to verify compliance with the full range of applicable customs and regulatory requirements.

What Size Box Is Most Economical to Ship?

When prioritizing value in shipping, selecting smaller and lighter boxes is often the optimal strategy due to the direct relationship between package size/weight and associated transportation costs.

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