8 Side Hustles to Start in 2023

By Amylee Silva
July 27, 2023

While you might be employed and have a regular salary, you may need more money to cater to all your needs. A side hustle is an excellent way to earn extra money in your spare time on top of your regular pay. Note that a side hustle should be something other than your main gig, nor should you replace it with your full-time job.

However, some people may succeed in side hustle and make it their primary source of income. Quitting your job for a side hustle is a significant risk, but it would be worth taking it if it could generate regular income.

There are many side hustles in Canada, both online and in-person. However, the best ones should be flexible and can leverage your natural skills. The best side gig should also have a reliable Return On Investment value, allowing you to earn more working just a few hours a week. Read through to learn the 8 best side hustles in Canada that guarantee extra cash.

What Are the Best Side Hustle Ideas to Start in 2023?

With the unlimited side hustle ideas, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Below, we have narrowed down to the 8 top side hustle ideas in Canada worth investing time in.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the most preferred side hustles in Canada. Anyone can do it with a few tools, including a computer and a reliable internet connection. For freelancing, you deal with per-project work and get paid for the same. You can have one or more clients at any time. The good news is that there is high demand for freelancers, including but not limited to writers, web developers, graphic designers, and editors. You only have to select your niche and dedicate your spare time.

Many sites connect freelancers to clients, including Upwork, Freelenacer.com, and Fiverr. These sites manage projects for clients and payments for freelancers. Alternatively, you can market yourself through social media platforms or your email. The advantage of marketing yourself is that you polish your professionalism and set up a convenient invoicing and payment structure.

2. Making Deliveries

Canadian side hustlers don’t need an online store to earn extra income – you can become a delivery person if you have a car and spare time on your schedule. Many Canadians nowadays do groceries and food delivery to earn extra money. Companies like DoorDash, Instacart, Amazon Flex, and Uber Eats, just to mention a few, offer opportunities to Canadian drivers to deliver food and groceries for pay.

DoorDash lets you select deliveries within your locality and deliver them instantly to earn an extra income. On the other hand, Instancart is for individuals who want to deliver groceries. Lastly, Amazon Flex lets side hustlers designate a suitable time they will be available for deliveries. You pick up products from their fulfillment centers and deliver them to their intended customers. However, you must have 21 years or more and a relatively large vehicle to qualify for this side hustle.

The delivery side hustle is easy and more accessible. It is also flexible, as you can pick the time that best works for you. However, it is only limited to individuals with cars or motorbikes.

3. Blogging

Many people like writing and sharing information with others for fun. The good news is that you can convert this exercise to start making extra money. Blogging is a diverse field with endless interesting options. However, you need to choose a niche that you’re interested in. The next thing is to monetize your blog. The most common monetizing schemes are through affiliate sales or ads; you promote a service or product in your blog for affiliate sales. When a customer clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. On the other hand, ads will pay you per click/view.

The only challenge with blogging is that you must spend a little more before you start earning from it. First, you must buy a domain. You also need a web-building platform or a WordPress hosting service to build a website. Expect to spend a few hundred dollars annually. The startup costs for blogging can prove challenging for some Canadians.

4. Provide Pet Services and Walk Dogs

While pet sitting and walking dogs sounds more like a hobby, you can earn extra income from this hustle job. You can open a small pet daycare for pet-sitting dogs or choose to groom and walk dogs. Grooming and walking dogs are more flexible on your schedule as you can schedule when to groom or walk them.

However, pet-sitting services in daycare can be challenging as they have no flexibility. In this case, the pet owners will schedule a specific time or a window of time when they expect you to pet their dogs. Keep an eye on the specific insurance required for this side hustle in Canada.

There are several dog-walking apps you can use to monetize your dog-walking services. You can consider PetSitterPlus or Rover when monitoring your dog-walking side hustle. However, you must adhere to the set processes when working with these apps.

5. Paid Online Surveys

Do you like giving opinions on debates, emerging issues, trends, or products? Lucky for you, you can earn extra cash from it. Marketing research companies pay people for their opinions on various products offered in the market. Not only do they pay for opinions you give on products, but also for views you give on topics or systems. While you can’t rely on this side hustle for regular cash flow or create your own business, it can earn you extra cash in your spare time.

You’ll need to open an account to earn from these online surveys. You’ll also need to choose a mode of payment – CashApp, PayPal, or Venmo. Proceed to search for surveys, then sign up for topics within your interest. Complete the survey if you’re selected for it and submit it. Wait for a few days to get your money. Expect to earn up to $10 for basic surveys and $100 for in-depth product reviews.

6. Selling Stock Photos

This side hustle idea will excite photographers. Photography is fun, but with the latest developments, you can make it more than part-time fun. Selling high-quality stock photos is an opportunity for Canadian photographers to earn money online during their leisure time. Sites like Getty Images and Shutterstock will pay you for the photos you post. You can also earn royalties for the acceptable content.

However, not all photos are accepted. Photos you sell for Stock shouldn’t have many elements and identifiers. Things like brand logos are not accepted, so you should ensure your images have none. On the brighter side, a professional camera isn’t necessary to earn extra money here. You can take photos with your smartphone and send them to sites like Getty as long as they adhere to the set standards.

7. Create a YouTube Channel

A youtube channel is a side hustle you should consider starting in 2023 – It is a much more lucrative side hustle than you may imagine. It is a kind-of digital blog suitable for individuals who don’t mind the spotlight. The good thing is that monetizing a YouTube channel is easy, and you can earn through YouTube ad revenue, sponsored videos, and other paid sponsorships. However, you need to upload fresh content now and then to keep your subscribers engaged; otherwise, you might not get the views you desire.

To venture into YouTube content creation, you must dedicate your time. Creating high-quality content in the current competitive digital world can be time-consuming. Your creativity should also be top-notch. In addition, you must invest in high-quality 4K cameras and microphones. You might also need a video editor unless you intend to edit independently. You must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watched hours to earn from your content.

8. Online Tutoring

Teachers may have limited options when it comes to side hustles in Canada. The scope of their profession has fixed schedules that limit their free time – If not in class, they may be preparing for the next lessons, marking assignments, or spending time with students consulting them.

However, online tutoring is a great way for teachers to earn extra money from their free time. The most on-demand tutoring service in 2023 is English tutoring and instructing as more and more immigrants enter Canada. Sites like Thinkific let you develop online courses and teach students.

The good thing about tutoring in Canada is that it has the potential to replace your full-time job and become your leading player in the gig economy, especially when selling online courses. There is also room for international expansion, guaranteeing more extra cash.

However, tutors who have gone international need finance apps like Wise to manage foreign currency payments.


Try a side hustle in 2023 if you have lots of free time. However, you should make sure the side hustle you start should be within your interest and can enrich your skills. Another crucial consideration when selecting a side hustle is its potential for scalability. Consider this factor to develop a more profitable side hustle with guaranteed high ROI.

While I recommend options from this list, you can also consider renting out your property with Airbnb, becoming a virtual assistant, doing odd jobs, renting out storage space (if you have a spare room), managing social media accounts, running digital marketing campaigns in the Facebook marketplace and other social media platforms.

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