Deliver Hassle-Free: Fastest Shipping in Canada in 2024!

By Mona Sohal
February 1, 2024
Fastest Shipping Company in Canada

So, you have urgency! You need to deliver a courier as soon as possible. There are so many options available. Now the question is, which courier service offers the fastest shipping in Canada?

We understand. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by so many different options, prices, and features. But you still need to find a solution, right? So, what can you do?

Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. This blog will be your quick guide to finding the fastest shipping services in Canada. We will discuss multiple services, their features, estimated delivery times, and more. We’ve got a lot to cover. So, why wait?

Let’s get started.

Companies that Offer the Fastest Shipping in Canada

Estimating shipping times can be difficult as there are many options available. However, we can help you discover the quickest shipping in Canada. Before you get to the selection, let’s have a look at the top shipping firms and their services. (In a random order)

Canada Post

Leading postal service provider. Royal Mail Canada is a network of enterprises that work together to distribute goods both locally and abroad.

The current group members are Canada Post, Purolator, SCI Group, and Innovapost. Each is responsible for a specific part of the postal service.

While everyone is familiar with Canada Post, Purolator is the leading provider of integrated logistics, parcel, and freight services. SCI Group provides and manages logistics and transportation management solutions to help deliver goods in the most cost-effective way feasible.

Innovapost is responsible for supplying client-specific information, extra information systems, and other business solutions necessary for the organization to perform services.

Canada Post is one of the few firms that provide a service package dubbed ‘Priority Service’. This ensures next-business-day delivery between major metropolitan areas. Purolator also offers next-day service throughout Canada.

Aside from these parcels, Canada Post’s fastest accessible service is called Xpressport. Which provides dependable, fast delivery for time-sensitive documents and deliveries.

DHL Express Canada

The global leader of DHL Express. Canada is the leading courier and logistics delivery provider, with a wide range of service packages for speedy shipping. It is one of the Companies that offer the fastest shipping in Canada.

They have shifted their shipping expertise to Canada. Now known as DHL Express Canada. They provide extremely fast door-to-door delivery throughout the country and around the world.

DHL introduces its extensive network of integrated services to Canada, including DHL Express, a day-specific delivery service, and DHL Express Worldwide, a global choice.


Apart from working with Canada Post, Purolator offers dependable shipping services for all of your delivery needs.

Looking for next-day delivery options? Purolator’s got you covered. Purolator Ground provides a variety of options, including domestic shipment and expedited ground delivery. They can cover anything. They are quick, adaptable, and known for providing dependable services.

Aside from Canada, they provide international shipping through Tracked Packet, Xpresspost, Tracked Packet, Small Packet, and Priority Worldwide. The best part about their shipping service is that customers can print labels, schedule couriers, and get rate information all from Purolator’s online service platforms.


Loomis Express is a prominent courier and logistics firm that takes pleasure in providing rapid, efficient, and dependable coast-to-coast delivery. In addition, they offer international shipping to 220 countries throughout the world.

They offer guaranteed time and day-definite delivery solutions based on the size and needs of your courier. Loomis, like Purolator, provides online alternatives for prices and courier pickups.  This allows clients to use all of their offerings.

German Parcel and General Logistics Systems (GLS)

German Parcel and General Logistics Systems, known as GLS. It’s another reliable logistics company that works in 40 different countries and has over 120 national and regional hubs. Consisting of over 1,600 depots and agencies.

GLS offers a variety of shipping service selections, with both economical ground deliveries and next day deliveries. And you can access all these services from the comfort of your home using their online tools. Making the whole process hassle-free and efficient.

Too Many Options To Choose From?

Fastest Shipping in Canada

Well, we’ve talked about different shipping companies up there. There are too many options, and it’s okay to be overwhelmed by them. So, what is the simple solution?

Introducing Shipsimple. An aggregator platform for couriers to find the best and fastest shipping company in Canada. You’ll get to see different costs and related information all at once. Then, you can compare the options and select the best fit.

With Shipsimple, all you have to do is click and ship! Yes, it’s that easy.

Parting Words

This brings us to the conclusion of our blog post regarding “Fastest Shipping in Canada.” We’ve covered a few of the best courier services that can assist you. I hope this is useful.

At 442.6 billion EUR, the shipping industry is still expanding at a steady pace. There are always going to be a variety of options available for you. And the decisions you make depending on your package and final destination will affect the delivery charges.

Cheers to your happy shipping!


Is Xpresspost Trackable?

Yes, Xpresspost is trackable. All you need to do is enter a tracking number and a reference number to trace and start tracking your domestic or foreign parcel.

What is the Format of the XpressPost Tracking Number?

The tracking numbers are in 11 or 13 digits or alphanumeric, and end in either CA or 16 digits.

An example would be – 1212 1212 1212 1212, or even AB 121 121 121 AB.

If you ever wanted to check, then this tracking number will be present in your receipt, which you get when you send a parcel.

Is Priority Mail Guaranteed to Arrive in 3 days?

No, priority mail does not offer a guaranteed delivery service. It may take one, two, or even three days, depending on where you are shipping it from. The estimated time can be found when the postage is calculated.

Is it Worth to Pay for Faster Shipping?

If you need fast and reliable shipping to be done in a very short time frame, then the higher expedited costs for shipping are totally worth it As customs and other procedures are required to be cleared faster.

What is Rush Shipping?

Rush shipping is the term used to describe any courier service that promises delivery within one to three business days. Couriers like DHL and Canada Post offer express services for quick shipping to companies that want to keep their customers happy.

What is expedited shipping in Canada?

Expedited shipping is a sort of shipping service that promises faster delivery times than normal shipping methods. Depending on the carrier option selected, express shipping, priority shipping, overnight delivery, and next-day delivery are all words used to indicate accelerated shipping.

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