Best Online Business Ideas for 2024

By Amylee Silva
December 18, 2023
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The festive season has just started, and it’s a delicate time when people postpone their plans as they celebrate different occasions, which may extend into 2024. Since many online business ideas are available to select and actualize your dreams, you don’t have to be caught off guard as we close in on another year.

The reality of online businesses keeps evolving, and in 2024, you will come across exciting opportunities that connect you to a global audience. With the boom in technology, online businesses are not only about transactions but also have creative avenues where you can easily get your financial breakthrough.

2024 comes empty, where creative entrepreneurs like you can effortlessly paste their ideas and succeed. However, not all online opportunities can get you the breakthrough you desire, as some are impractical. We look into the best online business ideas you can try in 2024 and gain better profits.

Top 9 Best Online Business Ideas to Try in 2024

You have probably seen many business owners succeed while others fail in the same venture. This might have kept you wondering what the succeeding entrepreneurs do differently to help them achieve their goals. With technology, most marketers have set their businesses online, expounding on online store ideas to reach a broad audience.

Let’s look at some ideas on how you can start an online business. We’ve shared in-depth details about each idea and how you can best connect with your buyers.

1. Deliver Food and Grocery 

Food and groceries are among the basic requirements of each homestead. People eat daily, and the need to refill the empty stores and shelves keeps growing. The demand for food delivery services is skyrocketing, and in 2024, it is projected to go higher.

A delivery app will be a plus in 2024 as the demand for delivery services keeps growing.  Estimates show that by 2029, the market for delivery apps will be over $165 billion, meaning it’s a good online business idea.

The hustle of going to the market and buying groceries can be overwhelming, so many people try to avoid it. Therefore, this presents an opportunity to develop an online store that targets those who want to get doorstep delivery without moving out of their compounds.

So, how can you start an online business involving food and grocery delivery in 2024?

First, develop an app for your store. If you can’t develop it by yourself, find an expert and then share the idea for development. Once the app runs, you can have all your groceries and food on it. Ensure the app is seamless to allow buyers to pick their product easily.

 A delivery app takes little space on your device and can be downloaded on different operating systems, expanding its reach. With good internet, you will surely get a wide reach of individuals to download your app.

The delivery app is a great online business idea because it allows you to deliver what customers order at their doorstep, saving time. The app is also exceptional as it enables buyers to benefit from the discount on the on-demand services.

Additionally, the app lets the customers order their favorite food without moving out of their houses. You can take a share of the market by looking into the success stories of apps like Uber Eats and Zomato.

When your app is ready, begin with friends who can easily refer you to more customers. This will quickly broaden your reach. Also, ensure your services are seamless and communicate with your customers effectively. 

2. Have an E-Commerce Marketplace

Apart from the food delivery services, you can succeed in online marketing by creating an e-commerce marketplace as your own business. An e-commerce marketplace is a great internet business idea that brings sellers and buyers to a common place where they can easily transact and make sales.

Most online store platforms have similar products from different sellers, and buyers may choose who they feel is better regarding the sales. E-commerce is a vast field with segments like business-to-business, consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-business available. A good example of an e-commerce site is Amazon.

E-commerce can easily scale your business to a whole new level. You may have your products on the platform or simply create an avenue where buyers and sellers meet and transact. If you intend to have a platform with your products, have what is on demand in the market, and you’ll sell.

If you have buyers and sellers meeting on your own online store, verify the goods to protect the buyers. This will increase trust and help you connect to more buyers. You may ask for quality assurance certification before allowing a seller to your platform.

In order to have the edge over the rest in the same business, ensure your e-commerce platform has an advanced search filter, which ensures buyers browse through a wide range of products for easy selection. Moreover, have an In-App wallet to make payments efficiently.

You may still integrate a chat box that answers the customer’s questions as they try to make the purchase. Discounts and offers must be your priority. While setting the discounts, scout through the more extensive market to see what your competitors offer and stay within the margins.

Also, it has an inbuilt reviews and ratings section where customers can post unbiased feedback regarding their purchased products, creating excellent customer service. Feedback and ratings always boost sales as many buyers rely on other people’s opinions to make the buying decisions.

Why start an online business within the e-commerce industry in 2024? The process of setting up an online store is easy and will only require you to have a few managers to run the store. It is also easy to run it virtually without having an office.

There are success stories about online stores that can inspire your journey to create your own business in 2024. For example, Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, and Rakuten are just a few online e-commerce platforms with great success stories.

3. Affiliate Marketer

Have you ever wanted to venture into affiliate marketing? In 2024, this could be an idea to actualize with a superb marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing is among small business ideas that aren’t financially intensive and can be started with a low budget. 

Affiliate marketing involves searching for a product you enjoy and promoting it on your website or social channels. After making a sale, you earn a commission.

As an affiliate marketer, you need a platform with traffic and high rankings on search engines. This could be your own website or a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Modern technology has made it effortless to create a social media account and connect globally.

You can easily convert your audience to customers by selling to them a product of their interest. If you have thousands of followers on your platform, you may recommend the product to them through an e-commerce business site, and since they trust you, the chances of buying it are high. Once the sale is closed, you get a percentage of the sales as agreed with the company or individual who owns the product.

4. Sell Online Courses

Another idea to see you make great sales in 2024 is starting an online business of online courses. Everyone wants to learn something new, and they are always online scouting for courses. You may develop a course, put it online, and then share it on your platforms to attract learners. Any practical skill will likely get you learners.

It may be wise to develop an online course depending on your expertise. This helps you teach and answer questions from your learners from an expert point of view. If you are a chef, you may develop a cooking course with plenty of recipes to assist interested individuals in learning about cooking.

If you are into plumbing, create an online course in that line and teach students how to go about it.  Overall, online education has evolved, and since Covid 19, many learners have opted for online rather than physical classes. You can tap into this niche and create an online business idea.

Some prominent online course platforms you can draw inspiration from include Udemy and Coursera. The platforms have plenty of paid and free courses. You’ll be at an advantage if you develop a platform comprising more online courses.

If you can create an online learning platform, you’ll join a multimillion-industry with your online course. Research the most sought-after online course and begin creating them for your platform. 

5. Social Media Marketing Services

Marketing has different approaches, one of them being social media marketing. This online business idea uses social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to promote a product.  The form of digital marketing requires one to have a device where they can run their social media platform and create brand awareness for a product.

In social media marketing, you may easily drive website traffic and interact with customers as you build your brand.  Globally, there are about 4.95 billion social media users. Once you have an established account, you’ll find followers as you grow your online presence.

With social media marketing, you can increase your chances of success by being consistent. You still need to provide your followers with the content they desire. Also, look at the modern social media trends and adapt them for easy success.  Use the right hashtags as your business model to get the users on your page.

If you are reading this section, you probably have a social media platform that you may use to create a successful online business. Once you build an audience, you will likely get endorsements from companies paying you to advertise their products.

If this idea excites you, create a social media account in preparation to sell online in 2024.

6. App Developer

App development is another online business idea you must start in 2024. With many businesses undergoing automation, you’ll come across markets requiring apps to promote digital marketing.

App development may need some expertise to develop the right apps for your online activities. Once the app is done, you can share it with your audience online or on any platform and ask them to download it.

Once the app is running, you may make money in various ways. First, you may do In-App advertising, where you advertise products for companies, and In-app purchases, where you sell items. You can still develop paid apps for specific services.

Other ways to generate revenue on this online business model are crowdfunding, sponsorship, affiliate marketing, and merchandise selling.

7. SEO Consultant

There are millions of websites globally, each targeting a different audience. Creators are still coming up with more websites for their content. However, not all websites become profitable, as some will have content that people don’t read often since it is not available on the top pages of Google searches. 

Your work as a Search engine optimization consultant is to ensure their websites rank and drive traffic for digital marketing. By offering search engine optimization, you’ll help your customers make sales and have a large audience on their platforms.

To become an SEO consultant,  you must be familiar with the industry. You may still take an SEO course and begin working as soon as you complete and gain relevant experience. As an SEO expert, companies can hire you to help them address technical SEO aspects, implement link-building strategies, and do keyword research, among other duties.

SEO is often an ongoing process, and you’ll need to be updated with the changes in ranking requirements. Proceed to YouTube, get more tips about SEO, and prepare for 2024 as you help your clients grow in their content strategy and advance in digital marketing.

8. Online Tutoring

Are you a teacher looking for a way to make money in 2024? Online tutoring is a venture that you can explore. With many learners online, you can try tutoring or selling online courses, depending on your specific area of competence.

Language tutors earn good money from online classes. First, develop a course and offer it online to potential buyers.  You may target individuals traveling to foreign nations. Some languages in demand include English, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese. 

If you are fluent in any language and can teach them, 2024 is a year to begin the online business. You may still learn the languages through the translation apps and teach them to your clients. Note that this may take some time before you and your first client, but once the target begins to roll, you’ll have enough to teach.

Besides teaching languages, you may still tutor different subjects like math, biology, chemistry, etc. Many students are looking for online tutors to assist them in revising for exams.

9. Youtube Channel

YouTube was created in 2005 and is now the most visited site after Google. Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim had the idea of providing a platform where users could upload simple videos for fun.

In the last 18 years, YouTube has grown to unimaginable levels, with people using it to showcase their content creation skills and marketing purposes. It is one of the best entertainment platforms and a popular social media management business where you get lots of variety of content.

YouTube is also a learning platform where users post free learning resources for their subscribers. Starting a YouTube channel is free. You only need a Google account to sign up and begin your online business. Afterward, you may choose the content you want to share with your subscribers. 

YouTube has different categories of content. You may pick from lifestyle, sports, adventure, politics, and construction. The options are many, and once you select your niche and begin to upload quality videos for your audience, you’ll easily get monetized and begin earning from the platform. 

Apart from what YouTube pays, you may still get company endorsements and earn more. If you are a first-time user, you must be patient to grow the channel. One of the biggest YouTubers is Mr Beast, with over 180 million subscribers. His earnings over the past year were estimated to be $82 million.

Once you crack how YouTube works, it could be an excellent online business model to make money online.

How to Start Successful Online Businesses 

Now that you have the 9 business ideas to begin in 2024, you need a plan to actualize them. Below are the key things to keep in mind for a successful online business idea.

Do a thorough market research about your idea

Many businesses fail because the proprietors lack enough knowledge about them. Some small business owners start businesses out of peer pressure.  An idea about a market you didn’t know about will fail. Luckily, the online platforms have enough material to help you research and develop ideas about your online businesses.

You’ll understand your followers, customers, and what they demand with good research. You’ll also learn about the challenges with the idea and devise ways to resolve the issues when you begin to run the online business.

Know your suppliers 

The demand for what you want to sell online may require you to have a steady supply. Buyers often want to purchase where they get a consistent supply of commodities. As a seer, you need suppliers who will keep you in business.

Also, ensure you register your suppliers and small business owners for easy collaboration. If you have an app that deals with food, ensure you have suppliers like food courts, restaurants, and cafes on the app for easy sales. You also need to sort shipping if your business is global. You can save on Shipping with

Find the market for your online business

Before establishing the best online business, you need to find out who will buy from you. This helps you know the amount of orders to stock as you start an online business. It also makes you understand the type of commodities that the buyers demand. Once you have a steady market for your goods, chances of expanding your business are high.

Have the starting capital

Once you have the business ideas, you need the capital to start it. Some online ventures require minimal capital to begin. Once you complete your market research, you may develop a business plan to know how much your business will require to start running,

Examples of Successful Online Businesses

Amazon Store

The Amazon online store is a successful e-commerce business that has stood the test of time. Jeffrey Preston Bezos owns the e-commerce store and uses it to help businesses sell their products. The platform is straightforward to find your target products. It has almost everything you need for your home, garage, and farm.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the online businesses that deal with food delivery services and has a presence in 5 countries. In this venture, individuals get orders to supply food and commodities to households using bikes, scooters, cars, and foot. The company is owned by Uber Technologies.


Shopify is another online store that deals with products. It works similarly to Amazon as it has plenty of goods for buyers. It’s worth $87.52 billion, and  Tobias Lütke owns it.

Online Business Ideas FAQs

What is the most successful online business to start?

The most successful business idea to start depends on what you plan to venture into and how you structure your idea. Researching the target market and driving your idea towards it will be the most successful business idea.

What is the richest online business?

Amazon is the richest online business. Its market cap is estimated at $1,691 billion, and the CEO was once the wealthiest person in the world.

What is the cheapest, most profitable online business to start?

The cheapest and most profitable online business to start is a YouTube Channel. This is among the ideas we shared earlier. The business requires an internet connection and a device to create your channel. Choose a niche that you love and gather subscribers for your online business. Better still, this is among the most profitable online business ideas for you.

Actualize Your Online Business Idea Now

Starting an online business venture can be lucrative. After researching, you only need to choose the best idea to improve your chances of success. Most profitable online business ideas come from entrepreneurs who take risks and venture into the business.

We earlier shared some of the online business ideas for 2024. You can choose one and research it. Ensure you have the target audience in mind and that your suppliers are consistent.

As you step into 2024, the online platforms have space for you. Think through your idea and implement it for 2024 online business.  You may look for other online business ideas and try them out.

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