Cyber Monday: Definition, History, and Milestones

By Amylee Silva
December 18, 2023
Cyber Monday on wooden tiles

Cyber Monday is an e-commerce term referring to the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. It’s an event marked in the United States of America. Massive discounts in online sales are what characterize Cyber Monday. 

On Cyber Monday, the typical retailers offer special deals on website-only purchases. Today, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have merged. Both events provide buyers with shopping experiences that blur their differences.

Cyber Monday 2023 falls on November 24 this year. Brands like ecommerce stores like Amazon spread the season’s joy on various goodies. 

The History of Cyber Monday

The National Retail Federation (NRF) started Cyber Monday in 2005. They noted that clients flocked to online retailers after Thanksgiving shopping. But, there are numerous theories to explain Cyber Monday. 

It’s believed that people saw items they needed in shopping malls during the weekend. But they waited to shop on Monday. At work, offices had computers with fast internet connections. The day was attributed to unpleasant experiences after the Thanksgiving weekend. 

Cyber Monday is when you get phenomenal bargains. So, surf online shopping stores while waiting for Cyber Monday to make a purchase. Customers embraced the concept in 2005, and online sales kept plummeting.

Cyber Monday Evolution

It is designated the day to award customers Cyber Monday deals and discounts. The events of this day reinforced its popularity, causing an almost instant impact. These are the undeniable milestones related to Cyber Monday.

  • 2005 – The start of Cyber Monday, realizing online sales of $484 million.

  • 2010 –  Online sales doubled up and exceeded the $1 billion mark.

  • 2011 – Credible results from CNBC announced the merging of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The day is marked after the Thanksgiving shopping weekend.

  • 2016 – The tremendous turnover led to an extension of online sales. A single-day event turned into a whole Cyber Week. The opportunity offers a revolving catalogue of Cyber Monday deals for several days. Amazon dominated the extension, and Kohl’s followed. 

  • 2019 – Three years later, Cyber Monday sales are shy of $10 billion, reaching $9.4 billion. With increased online stores and late-night shoppers, sales are expected to surpass 10 billion. 

Blow Up of Cyber Monday Sales in 2020

COVID-19 was a groundbreaking event for many events in 2020. With people confined in their houses and forced to do their shopping online, Cyber Monday blew up in sales. The pandemic forced many brick-and-mortar stores to shut down. Meanwhile, there was a surge in online shopping. 

During the holidays, retailers experienced high sales like never before. Reformatting Black Friday and Cyber Monday events for weeks in November improved it. The efforts impacted customer shopping spending to $10.8 billion. It was the biggest sale ever to be recorded in U.S. history. 

Online retailers changed their strategy to market goods online. The pandemic stretched to 2021 and 2022, which was unseen by many. Unfortunately, there was a fall in spending in 2022 of about 1%. The fall was attributed to early buying from extended Cyber Monday deals.

Global Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday started in 2005 in the United States. The event has gradually become an international market day or week. The term Cyber Monday is now widespread across 28 countries around the world. 

Cyber Monday awareness in the U.K. is 89%, Germany 86%, Spain 85%, and Italy (80%). Countries below the 80 mark are Netherlands 70%, Sweden 69%, and Denmark 52%. 

U.S. retailers capitalize on establishing e-commerce websites to tap the ready Market. These events offer retailers a chance to reach new global boosting global growth. Cyber Monday sales are crazy. Analyzing buying trends helped for a better buying experience. Understanding what shoppers need worldwide is a strategy to meet the growing demand.

Online Stores with the Best Deals

Cyber Monday deals sell out, especially on laptops, game consoles, and Apple products. Major retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy offer the best deals on Cyber Monday sales. 

Amazon Deals

From November 17 to November 27, customers will access crazy online deals. Some items to look out for are electronics, amazon devices, and beauty products. Here are some bargains to expect on Amazon Cyber Monday 2023. 

A sneak peek at what’s coming this Cyber Weekend on Amazon ensures no consumer is missing out. In the early days, discounts on all appliances and devices start from 5-8% off. Gradually, the price steepens to about 20%, and by the time the D day comes, discounts are as high as 46% off. 

TechRadar Deals

This online store has been offering Cyber Monday deals for over a decade. Hence, TechRadar’s page is resourceful, with enough tips on where to get your holiday deals. 

Get stunning discounts on Samsung Galaxy, Dell XPS 13, and MacBook Air M1. They’re high-end devices that are currently discounted on this platform. But if they sound too luxurious, there are other affordable Christmas gifts.  

Adobe Holiday Shopping Forecasting

The app predicts a record of $12 billion in total customer spending. The figure is a 6% rise over 2022, surpassing the preceding Black Friday event. Its Black Friday forecast was $9 billion. The figure was a sign that more consumers are shopping for the holidays. So, if you look forward to getting a good deal on a gift for a loved one, the time is here. 

Become Amazon’s Prime Member Before Black Friday

Becoming a prime member of Amazon Prime allows you to benefit maximally from all deals. Prime members can make good use of the membership during the holiday season and even beyond. 

They get after-sale services like fast delivery, access to deals, and an option to buy with Prime. These reasons are captivating enough if you plan to shop till you drop.

Other benefits of being a Prime member include savings, shopping convenience, and entertainment. Americans can become prime members for a monthly fee of $14.99/month or an annual cost of $139. 

Eligible new members enjoy a free 30-day trial streaming the Prime catalogue. The programs include video, gaming, Amazon Music, Amazon images, and much more. A package for college students Amazon Prime members is $7.49/month or $69 annually. 

New college students enjoy a six-month free trial. Those who qualify as government assistance recipients can access Prime at $6.99/month. 

Where to Look for Amazon Deals

New deals drop often during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events. Hence, you must stay online and check throughout to ensure you get all benefits. Visit online shopping pages, including those stores you think are too expensive. 

Subscribed customers can get customized deal notifications from Alexa. The information is available up to 24 hours in advance. These notifications are on eligible products in their Wish List, saved for later, or Carts. Keep your eyes open, and ask or engage Alexa. Those with a busy work schedule can ask Alexa to remind them or alert them when deals are live to make a purchase. The A.I. can purchase it if you command it. 

Smaller businesses also offer incredible gifts with different themes, including Black-owned, man or woman-owned, or Hispanic-owned items. Assuming you’re still undecided, visiting these stores can be eye-opening. They give you precise, affordable gift ideas. 

Another place to find affordable deals is the Amazon Top 100-ish gift picks. Find more gift ideas from the most loved category and shop for trending products. This section has highly-rated gifts like toys, electronics, and home appliances. Download the Amazon Shopping app and shop by interest.

Cyber Monday takes place in the last week of November. It marks when folks are excited to shop for affordable Christmas gifts. The extension of Cyber Monday to Cyber Week offers consumers access to the best deals ever. Cyber Monday is an opportunity to buy the Amazon devices you admire at lower price cuts.

Cyber Monday 2023 is here, and online stores are swarmed with awesome deals. From the thousands of discounted items online, you can’t miss something. The special day has a record of selling almost anything at affordable prices.

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