Best Shopify Shipping Apps

By Amylee Silva
December 18, 2023
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Efficient and cost-effective shipping is essential for any successful e-commerce business. However, managing orders and shipments can quickly become complicated as your store grows. This is where Shopify shipping apps come in. They streamline the entire fulfillment process, from placing an order to tracking a shipment’s delivery.

The Shopify app store was launched in 2009, paving the way for merchants to launch numerous shipping apps for their online stores. It was created to simplify the shipping process and to reduce shipping costs.

This article reviews some of the highest-rated Shopify shipping apps that can take your logistics to the next level.


ShipSimple is an easy-to-use shipping software that integrates with major shipping carriers like Canada Post, DHL, and Purolator. The shipping app allows you to print shipping labels, manage orders, and track shipments all in one centralized dashboard.

Key Features

  • Print shipping labels for major carriers directly from your orders

  • Get notified of tracking updates and exceptions

  • Integrate with shopping carts and marketplace channels

  • High-value shipping insurance coverage of up to $25,000

Who This Is For?

ShipSimple is well-suited for small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses shipping a moderate volume of orders each month. It offers the core shipping functionality needed without being overwhelming for simple operations.


FREE! Ship and pay as you go.


Shippo is a flexible shipping app API that allows developers to build customized shipping solutions. It provides real-time rates, prints labels, tracks shipments, and handles exceptions through a simple REST API.

Key Features:

  • Access rates and services from all major carriers through a single API

  • You can print your own shipping labels, manage orders, and track shipments programmatically

  • Built-in support for webhooks to automate workflows

  • Sandbox environment for testing integrations

  • No fixed costs; pay only for actual shipments

Who This Is For?

Shippo is best suited for developers building their own ecommerce platforms, shopping cart integrations, marketplace shipping solutions, or fulfillment applications. The API-first approach provides flexibility that traditional off-the-shelf solutions lack.


Pricing is based on the number of shipments, starting at $0.050 per shipping label with volume discounts available. No additional fees.


ShipStation is a powerful all-in-one shipping app that streamlines order management, shipping label printing, tracking, and reporting. Automated workflows help ensure orders ship on time.

Key Features

  • Integrates with all major shopping carts and marketplaces

  • Print shipping labels for USPS, UPS, FedEx and more directly from orders

  • Dynamically set carrier rates with automated rules

  • Track shipments, create notifications, and manage exceptions automatically

  • Detailed reports on orders, customers, and shipping performance

Who This Is For?

ShipStation is best for high-volume ecommerce businesses shipping thousands of orders per month. Its robust features and integrations save time over piecemeal solutions. Automation ensures orders ship efficiently at scale.


Pricing ranges from $9.99 to $229.99, with discounted shipping rates available. Additional volume tiers and premium features are available at higher rates.


EasyShip provides an affordable solution for small business shipping needs with USPS, UPS, and FedEx support. The interface is simple to use while covering essential order, shipping, and inventory management tasks.

Key Features

  • Print shipping labels from within orders

  • Track packages, get delivery notifications

  • Basic order and inventory management

  • Option to buy shipping supplies directly through the platform

  • Integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce

Who This Is For?  

EasyShip is well-suited for smaller merchants just starting out with ecommerce and shipping a few orders per day. The simple interface avoids becoming overwhelming.


The basic plan is $14.95/month and includes up to 500 monthly packages. Higher volume tiers are available for $24.95 and $49.95 per month. No long-term contracts are required.


ShipBob offers physical order fulfillment from multiple warehouses across the US alongside a robust shipping platform. Merchants can outsource the entire fulfillment and shipping process.

Key Features

  • Warehouse storage, order picking, packing and shipping

  • Access to a nationwide warehouse network for faster delivery

  • Integrated shipping software for ordering supplies and labels

  • Real-time order status updates and reporting

  • Customizable workflows for returns/exchanges

Who This Is For?

ShipBob provides an end-to-end outsourced solution suited for mid-market retailers seeking scalable order fulfillment. By leveraging ShipBob’s network and technology, merchants can focus on growing sales while ShipBob handles fulfillment.


Fulfillment pricing varies based on order volume and complexities. For specific pricing, a quote can be requested based on individual business requirements


AfterShip provides free multi-carrier tracking that works across desktop and mobile. It tracks orders placed on any website directly from its dashboard without requiring seller platform integrations.

Key Features

  • Track packages from shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx and 200+ carriers worldwide

  • Receive notifications on status updates via email or push

  • Manually enter tracking numbers or import shipments in bulk

  • Public tracking links can be shared with customers

  • Simple mobile apps for iOS and Android

Who This Is For?

AfterShip is completely free and ideal for individual buyers and small sellers who want basic tracking capabilities without paying monthly fees. Larger merchants may prefer paid solutions with more robust features.


AfterShip pricing starts at $9 monthly for the Essentials Plan when billed yearly. The cost is $5 per user per month for multi-users, plus a free trial and a free package for new users.


ShippingEasy focuses exclusively on USPS shipping for small businesses. It allows printing labels, tracking packages, managing orders directly through the USPS web tools.

Key Features

  • Access discounted USPS shipping rates

  • Generate labels and schedule pickups

  • Track packages and get delivery alerts

  • Basic order and contact management

  • Mobile-responsive dashboard

Who This Is For?

Merchants only shipping through USPS domestically can use ShippingEasy’s streamlined solution tailored for a single carrier. No integrations are needed for basic USPS label printing and tracking.


Plans start at $15/month, including up to 500 packages. Volumes over 500 packages are $0.03 per additional package, with no long-term commitments or setup fees required.

Packlink Pro

Packlink Pro provides an automated multi-carrier shipping solution through a global network of partner carriers. Customizable rules optimize rates across providers.

Key Features

  • Door-to-door international shipping services in 220+ countries

  • Real-time rates from major parcel and LTL carriers

  • Cross-border tax and customs clearance

  • International address verification

  • Country-specific delivery shipping options

  • Customizable workflows through open API

Who This Is For?

Packlink Pro automates global shipping requirements for international merchants, marketplaces, and fulfillment services. Its multi-carrier tech streamlines exports, imports, and cross-border ecommerce logistics.


Packlink offers customized pricing plans for integrated commercial partners. Contact sales for details tailored to specific business needs and shipment volumes.

PH Multi-Carrier Shipping Label

PH Multi-Carrier Shipping Label prints shipping labels for USPS, UPS, and FedEx directly through the USPS website. It provides a simpler interface for multi-carrier shipping through a familiar system.

Key Features

  • Access major carrier rates and services on

  • Generate labels with stamp, barcode, and address from orders

  • Track shipments from a single dashboard

  • Basic contact and order management

  • Mobile-responsive design

Who This Is For?

Sellers comfortable using who want an easy way to access multiple carriers will find PH Multi-Carrier Shipping Label simple to use without additional platform fees.


The PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label pricing starts at $9 per month for 100 orders, with support for multiple carriers.

Tracktor Order Tracking

Tracktor is a basic and affordable order-tracking shipping app that supports international shipping. While light on features, it offers free package tracking for personal and business use.

Key Features

  • Track packages from any carrier worldwide

  • Supports 200+ carriers and service providers

  • Share public tracking links with customers

  • Bulk import/export tracking numbers

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Who This Is For?

Individuals and very small sellers seeking free multi-carrier tracking without advanced order management. It is best used as a lightweight complement to other systems.


Tracktor Order Tracking offers four pricing plans: Hobby ($9.99/month), Professional ($36/month), Business ($99/month), and Enterprise ($249/month) with a 14-day free trial.

Parcel Panel Order Tracking

Parcel Panel provides professional order tracking functionally through an intuitive web dashboard. Customizable notifications ensure shipments are monitored efficiently. It is also an affordable shipping app for international shipments.

Key Features

  • Track shipments from major global carriers

  • Detailed status updates and delivery alerts

  • Customizable tracking rules and notifications

  • Shipment reports and order tracking trends

  • Integrations with shopping carts and warehouses

Who This Is For?

Sellers shipping internationally or managing a medium volume of orders will appreciate Parcel Panel’s robust yet easy-to-use tracking tools. Its features help stay on top of global fulfillment.


Parcel Panel offers a free plan with 20 orders per month and a 7-day free trial for paid plans which include Essential ($9/ month), Professional ($49/ month), and Enterprise ($399/ month).  

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus allows merchants to automatically calculate accurate shipping rates for orders dynamically based on package details, destination addresses, and carrier rules. Rates can be integrated into online stores and shopping carts.

Key Features

  • Real-time rates from major carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx

  • Define custom dimensions, weight breaks, and surcharges

  • Supports international destinations and customs duties

  • Integrates via API into common platforms

  • User-friendly web interface and reports

Who This Is For?

The Shipping Rates Calculator Plus API solution streamlines rate calculation for online stores, marketplaces, and custom ecommerce applications. Its customizable rules engine ensures accurate quotes.


The Shipping Rates Calculator Plus app displays real-time shipping prices in the shopping cart, boosting conversions.


ShipHero stands out as a full-service SaaS shipping solution with integrated warehouse, inventory, and order fulfillment features alongside core shipping capabilities. Automation saves labor.

Key Features

  • Warehouse management system (WMS)

  • Order automation and batch processing

  • Inventory allocation and replenishment

  • Customizable workflows and reports

  • Support for returns, shipping insurance, damages, exceptions

  • Multi-carrier shipping API

Who This Is For?

Large retailers and brands seek a single platform to efficiently manage their entire order lifecycle from sourcing through delivery. ShipHero handles complex operations at scale.


Customized enterprise plans with all-inclusive monthly pricing based on business needs, features, and shipment volumes. Contact a sales representative for details.


DesktopShipper is a simple desktop application for printing shipping labels. It connects directly to carrier stamp accounts for discounted rates without requiring an online shipping platform.

Key Features

  • Label templates customized for business needs

  • USPS, UPS, and FedEx label printing

  • Batch label processing for efficiency

  • Basic editing of label address/barcode info

  • Shipment reports tracked locally

Who This Is For?  

DesktopShipper allows small sellers to print a low volume of labels daily to avoid monthly platform fees. Usable alongside existing storefronts.


Free demo available. The lowest plan is the Starter package which costs $25 monthly for 500 orders/shipments.


As a cloud-based shipping platform and Shopify store, Parcelify automates order and inventory workflows alongside multi-carrier label printing and tracking from any web browser. No desktop app is required.

Key Features

  • Dashboard for managing inventory, orders

  • Automated workflows for fulfillment

  • Print USPS, UPS, FedEx labels and waybills

  • Track international and domestic shipments

  • Integration with stores and marketplaces

Who This Is For?  

Parcelify offers a powerful all-in-one solution for mid-market businesses taking advantage of automated order processing and multi-carrier support across any device.


Parcelify pricing starts at $19.99/month with a 14-day free trial. It allows custom shipping rates based on product tags, collections, etc.


Shipway streamlines multi-carrier shipping for global ecommerce businesses. It provides real-time rates, customs forms, label printing, and shipment visibility through a single API integration.

Key Features

  • International delivery to 220+ countries

  • Customs clearance and VAT/duty calculations

  • Returns management and replacement label printing

  • Automated notifications and exception handling

  • Customizable shipping options per carrier

Who This Is For?

Shipway powers cross-border fulfillment for international retailers, marketplaces, and logistics platforms. Its robust API fits developers building shipping solutions.


Contact sales for customized enterprise pricing based on integrated features, shipment volumes, and a number of API calls. No free or single-user plans are available.

Bespoke Shipping

Bespoke Shipping takes a consultative approach, auditing client operations to design fully customized shipping solutions from paperless labeling to automated customs forms. Technology is tailored to each business.

Key Features

  • It offers both shipment tracking, fleet management, and parcel shop services

  • Technology recommendations and implementations

  • Customized rules engines and label templates

  • Training programs and ongoing support

  • Warehousing, kitting, white glove delivery

Who This Is For?

Bespoke Shipping serves the complex needs of large enterprises with global supply chains. White glove service and technology optimize sophisticated operations.


The pricing for Bespoke Shipping is $15/month, with a 7-day free trial available.

Better Shipping

Better Shipping focuses exclusively on small business USPS needs with an affordable flat rate pricing model. Beyond labels, it provides basic contact and inventory tools in one integrated dashboard.

Key Features

  • USPS shipping, customs forms, and supplies

  • QuickBooks and Shopify integrations

  • Reports and analytics on spending and trends

  • Mobile-responsive interface for packaging

  • Help desk assistance for carrier questions

Who This Is For?

Small merchants and solopreneurs can use Better Shipping for affordable USPS-only mailing and inventory tracking without commitments or package fees.


The pricing for the Better Shipping app is $29.99/month for unlimited shipping. They also have a 14-day free trial.

Starshipit Shipping & Tracking

Starshipit offers a full suite of shipping, order management, and multi-carrier support through a web dashboard. Robust yet approachable for both novice and power users.

Key Features

  • Real-time rates from all major carriers

  • Orders, inventory, returns management

  • Customizable rules and automated workflows

  • Cross-border shipping and international reports

  • Integrations with major platforms

Who This Is For?

Growing businesses seeking an all-in-one platform to manage fulfillment across all channels efficiently will appreciate Starshipit’s scalable and feature-rich approach.


Starshipit offers various pricing plans. The Starter plan is $40/month for up to 250 labels, and the Starter Plus plan is $99/month for up to 1,000 labels.

Estimated Shipping Cost

Estimated Shipping Cost provides a simple free tool for customers to manually enter parcel details and get shipping cost quotes without logging into any carrier account.

Key Features

  • Estimates for USPS, UPS, and FedEx Ground/Expedited

  • Weight and dimension inputs with presets

  • Results exportable to CSV file

  • No account signup required

  • Mobile-friendly interface

Who This Is For?

Estimated Shipping Cost serves individual buyers, small shippers, and websites/blogs needing a lightweight shipping calculator for guest users or basic rate lookups.


The Estimated Shipping Cost app pricing starts at $40/month for up to 250 labels, according to Starshipit’s pricing plans.


Boxify focuses on maximizing packaging density and minimizing waste through automatic box selection. It interfaces with major carriers to optimize order fulfillment costs.

Key Features

  • Automated box selection based on dimensions

  • Supports irregular items and additional services

  • Real-time rates and shipment cost estimates

  • Track and report environmental impact

  • Integrations with storefronts and WMS systems

Who This Is For?

Fulfillment operations seeking to reduce packing materials and shipping costs through systemized optimized packaging will benefit from Boxify’s technology solutions.


The pricing of the Boxify shipping app starts from $19 per month with a 15-day free trial.


Sendcloud offers developers a flexible multi-carrier shipping API to build customized order fulfillment applications. Additional supported services include customs, tracking, and returns.

Key Features

  • Real-time rates and services from 500+ carriers

  • Address validation, customs forms

  • Multi-channel order and inventory systems

  • Cross-border ecommerce solutions

  • Shipment tracking and exception processing

Who This Is For?

Logistics platforms, marketplaces, and web developers will find Sendcloud the optimal API-first partner for building global fulfillment solutions without limits.


Sendcloud’s pricing starts from €25.00/month, with the premium package pricing being €149.00/month. There’s a free trial available, and you get to save 8% by taking the yearly plan.  


SimpleOrderStatus allows merchants to import orders from stores like Shopify and quickly view shipment status. It provides multi-carrier tracking from a simple dashboard without clutter.

Key Features

  • Import orders via CSV or direct store integration

  • Track packages from USPS, UPS, FedEx, and 200+ others

  • Shipment calendar and order reports

  • Public tracking links can be shared

Who This Is For?

Merchants wanting basic order tracking without advanced features or monthly fees will find SimpleOrderStatus a lightweight solution. It nicely complements other platforms.


The pricing of the shipping app SimpleOrderStatus is $2 per month with a 7-day free trial.

Shipping Rules‐ Shipping Rates

Shipping Rules provides shipping rate rules engines that automatically calculate accurate carrier rates dynamically based on order addresses and weights. Custom logic streamlines quoting.

Key Features

  • Real-time rates from all major carriers

  • Rules for discounts, promotions, zones

  • Inventory and fulfillment tools

  • Integrates with stores, marketplaces, custom solutions

  • Reports on shipping performance

Who This Is For?

Ecommerce merchants and logistics APIs seeking to optimize shipping rates and quotes through flexible rule-based configuration will appreciate Shipping Rules’ extensive cost modeling features.


The pricing for the Shipping Rule is as follows: Smart plan $14.99/month or $161.99/year, Advanced plan $24.99/month or $269.99/year.


Shippit focuses exclusively on streamlining USPS shipping processes for small businesses. It provides label printing, discounted rates, and basic order and inventory management directly integrated with your USPS account.

Key Features

  • USPS Priority/Express labels and customs forms

  • Inventory levels visible within the USPS dashboard

  • Scheduled pickups and delivery notifications

  • Mobile app scans packages during fulfillment

  • QuickBooks and Shopify integrations

Who This Is For?

Shippit offers a simple USPS-tailored solution for merchants focusing on domestic shipping through the Postal Service who want integrated tools without additional carrier overheads.


Shippit offers flexible plans for online merchants at every stage of their business, allowing them to pick a plan that fits their needs and adjust or cancel anytime. They have custom pricing.


Vamaship operates its own ground transportation network to provide consolidated less-than-truckload shipping between distribution centers nationwide. Technology seamlessly books shipments.

Key Feature

  • Real-time LTL rates and transit times

  • Customizable packages, minimums, and dimensions

  • Automated tracking and document storage

  • Warehouse-to-warehouse freight solutions

  • API integrations with 3PLs, WMS, TMS

Who This Is For?

Retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers moving bulk shipments between warehouses can capitalize on Vamaship’s optimized freight network and technology platforms.


Vamaship has zero platform usage fee. Users only pay for what they ship. Contact for sales consultation and service evaluation.

In our next update we’ll review the following best Shopify shipping apps.

  • Multi Carrier Shipping Label

  • Starshipit

  • Status Sherpa

  • Intuitive Shipping Inc.

  • netParcel

  • ShipNerd

  • DingDoong

  • Outvio (Shipping, Tracking & Returns)

  • Ordoro

  • ShipTarget

  • ParcelPanel

  • Rush

  • 17Track

  • Trackeroo

  • Track123

  • ShipTurtle

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