Latest and Best Shopify Shipping Apps in 2024 For You!!

By Amylee Silva
December 18, 2023
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Tired of juggling shipping like a one-person circus? Shopify shipping apps are here to save the day!

Think of streamlined orders, crystal-clear tracking, and slashed shipping costs. That’s the magic of these handy apps. Since 2009, the Shopify app store has been a game-changer, empowering merchants with tools to simplify shipping and keep more savings in their pockets.

So are you ready to take your logistics to the next level? This article dives into some of the top-rated Shopify shipping apps that’ll have you shipping like a pro in no time.

What Types Of Apps Are There?

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Best Shopify Shipping Apps

Imagine there are different tools at a shipping store, each good at something different. Some tools help you find the cheapest way to send your package, like a special calculator. Other tools might get you a discount with certain shipping companies, like a coupon book!

There are also tools that can do things automatically, so you don’t have to spend as much time on shipping.  This is like having a helper at the store who can pack things up for you.

Some tools are really good at tracking where your package is, so you and your customer know exactly when it will arrive. Think of this like a map that shows you where your package is on its journey.

The best tool for you depends on what you need the most. Maybe you want the cheapest option, or maybe having a helper to save time is more important. There are even tools that have everything in one place, like a giant all-in-one toolbox!

How To Select The Best Shopify Shipping Apps For Small Business? 

Choosing a shipping app for your small business can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

  • Cost: This is probably your first concern. Don’t worry, even though the app might cost some money at first, it can actually save you money in the long run. These apps can find cheaper shipping rates and save you a ton of time. If money is really tight right now, there are free shipping apps available for Shopify, but just make sure they have all the features you need.
  • Features: Think about what you absolutely need your app to do. Is tracking your packages important? Does the app help you find the cheapest shipping rates for your customers? Make a list of your “must-have” features before you choose an app.
  • Reviews: Not sure about a particular app? The internet is your friend! Search online to see what other small business owners are saying about the app. Reading reviews can help you decide if the app is a good fit for you.

The Benefits Of Using Shopify Shipping Apps

Before we jump into the best shipping apps, let’s talk about why shipping is so important for any online business. Here’s a breakdown in simpler terms:

  • Faster and Fewer Errors: Shipping apps automate tasks like creating labels and picking carriers, saving you time and reducing errors.
  • More Choices for Your Customers: Many apps connect you with various shipping companies. This lets you offer different speeds and rates, making them happy.
  • Clear Costs Upfront: Real-time shipping rates show customers exactly how much shipping costs are at checkout. This builds trust and avoids surprises later.
  • Going Global Made Simple: If you intend to sell internationally, shipping apps can handle shipping terms such ase customs forms, taxes, and different currencies. This makes reaching new customers easier. And save 
  • Shipping Rules You Control: Some apps let you set custom shipping rules based on things like weight or order value. You can create special deals or cater to different needs.
  • Keeping Track of Inventory: Certain apps connect to your inventory system. This ensures you always have enough stock and avoids overselling.
  • Branded Touch Throughout: Many apps let you design custom labels, packing slips, and emails. This gives your business a professional look.
  • Happy Customers, Happy You: With clear updates and on-time deliveries, customers are more satisfied. This means they’re more likely to come back for more.

TOP Shopify Apps 

Now that you see why shipping is key, let’s explore the top 10 apps to help you streamline your Shopify store’s shipping process!

Here’s a breakdown of the top shipping apps to help your Shopify store run smoothly:

  • StarShipIt 

This app is like a super-powered shipping assistant. It gets deals from many shipping companies, checks addresses for mistakes, and lets you create custom labels. Plus, it can combine orders to save on shipping costs.

  • AfterShip 

After someone buys something from your store, AfterShip keeps your customers happy by giving them real-time tracking updates on their orders. You can even design fancy tracking pages with your brand on them!

  • ShipStation 

This all-around app lets you automate order processing, print labels, and manage your stock. It works with many different carriers and lets you see real-time shipping rates. You can also create custom labels.

  • Shippo 

Shippo is super user-friendly and lets you compare prices from different shipping companies, print labels in bulk, and handle international shipping with ease.

  • Easyship 

If you sell internationally, Easyship is your friend! It connects you with many shipping companies around the world and even helps you figure out customs fees.

  • Printful 

This app is perfect if you sell custom t-shirts, mugs, or other stuff. Printful lets you design the products, stores them for you, and even ships them out to your customers with your branding.

  • ShipSimple 

Just like the name says, this Shopify App makes shipping easy! It helps you manage orders, get discounts on GLS shipping, Purolator, Canada Post, Loomis, and DHL. They will even send emails to you to keep you upto date on all the latest deals.

  • Trackr

This app keeps your customers happy by giving them a fancy-looking page to track their orders. It shows them where their package is and can even send them updates.

  • Parcelify 

Do you want super-specific control over your shipping prices? Parcelify lets you set different shipping rates based on things like weight and location.

  • Oberlo 

This isn’t exactly a shipping app, but it’s a lifesaver for dropshipping businesses. It lets you find products to sell, send orders to suppliers who ship them out, and even track those orders.

These are just a few of the many great shipping apps available for Shopify.  By choosing the right one for your business, you can streamline your shipping process and keep your customers happy!

Best Free Shipping App For Shopify

Make sure the app fits your budget. Since there are free and paid options out there. We have summed up the top free apps available so you can reduce your shipping costs. Lets take a look-

App NameKey FeaturesPricingBest For
EasyshipDiscounted rates, automation, all-in-one managementFree + SubscriptionBusinesses of all sizes shipping globally
ShipeasyBest rate calculation, multi-location shippingFree + SubscriptionBusinesses of all sizes
Shipping Rates Calculator PlusDiscounted rates, real-time quotesFree + SubscriptionIncreasing conversions with upfront shipping costs
Advanced Shipping RulesExtensive rule-based calculations, sub-zoningFree + SubscriptionBusinesses needing granular control over shipping costs
netParcelDiscounted rates, bulk shipping, easy label printingFreeBusinesses shipping to Canada and US
AfterShip Order Tracking & SMSPersonalized tracking, real-time notifications, analyticsFree + SubscriptionEnhancing customer experience with branded tracking
Packlink PRO Shipping PlatformPre-negotiated rates, automation, carrier integrationsFree (pay per label)Businesses looking for a pay-as-you-go option with multiple carrier support
ShippingEasyDiscounted rates, automation, email marketingFree + SubscriptionBusinesses seeking efficiency and marketing tools
Ship, Rate, and TrackBest for FedEx, live rates, packaging optimizationFreeBusinesses primarily using FedEx
Zonos Duty and TaxEasy duty & tax calculation, upfront cost displayFree + SubscriptionBusinesses selling internationally
AfterShip Returns CenterStreamlined returns management, brand loyalty boostFree + Plans start at $11/monthBusinesses of all sizes wanting to improve post-purchase experience


Choosing the right shipping app for your Shopify store is key! It can make things run smoother and keep your customers happy. This guide explores 10 great apps, each with unique features to fit your specific needs. Whether you need faster order processing, international shipping help, or a better tracking experience for your customers, there’s an app on this list for you.

Consider your business size, shipping volume, and specific needs when choosing an app. It’s also important to test them out to make sure they work well with your existing systems. By using a powerful shipping app, you can take your Shopify store to the next level and provide exceptional service to your customers, all while making shipping a breeze! If none of these apps are perfect, consider having Charle create a custom app just for your store.

Your perfect shipping sidekick awaits. So, Which one will you choose?!


Is Shopify Good For Shipping?

Shipping with Shopify is a breeze to use. You need no fancy setup! Plus, you can see exactly where all your orders, all in one place.

Does Shopify Automate Shipping?

The Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) streamlines various aspects of order fulfillment and shipping through automation. This encompasses tasks like inventory management and the selection of the most cost-effective shipping options. By centralizing these functionalities, SFN facilitates real-time tracking and expedited fulfillment times, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the fulfillment process.

What Is Shopify Shipping?

Shopify Shipping makes things super convenient! You can connect your Shopify store to their shipping partners, letting you buy and print shipping labels right from your Shopify dashboard. Plus, you get discounted rates on those labels thanks to Shopify’s deals with the carriers. It’s a one-stop shop for getting your orders shipped out quickly and affordably.

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