Black Friday Sales that Every Canadian is Excited About 2023

By Amylee Silva
July 28, 2023
Black friday sale sign surrounded by clothing

Black Friday sales are popular and loved events in Canada, allowing shoppers to buy various products through amazing deals and discounts. Many retailers have these offers during the holiday season, giving you a wide selection of items you can buy at a better price than usual.

Identifying all the best Black Friday offers available in Canada can be challenging. However, we have taken our time to determine the best Black Friday deals every Canadian is excited about that you should not miss.

What are Black Friday Deals?

Retailers in Canada often offer their customers a chance to buy products on the Friday after American Thanksgiving, called Black Friday. It usually marks the peaking of the holiday season, with many retailers offering various discounts on goods.

Black Friday deals are popular in America but are now a global phenomenon. They allow customers to get the best deals on multiple products.

Companies make Black Friday flyers and other advertisement materials to announce their best deals to their existing and potential customers. The best Black Friday deals also come with Cyber Monday deals for I.T. products.

5 Retailers Every Canadian is Excited to Shop at this Black Friday 2023

Lululemon Black Friday Sales

Notorious for never discounting, Lululemon is a famous athletic brand offering various activewear and accessories for both men and women. It’s one of the companies that provide the rarest Black Friday deals to its customers in Canada. You can buy many of their products at very fair prices during the discount period.

The Black Friday sale usually continues for a whole weekend giving you ample time to get your favourite Lululemon product.

Lululemon Online Black Friday Sales

Lululemon also offers online Black Friday deals on select products for shoppers who do not want to enter the physical stores. It is a convenient way to shop without dealing with the big crowds in the outlets. The company offers Canadian shoppers three delivery options for their purchases.

Lululemon Black Friday Delivery Options

The three delivery choices have different delivery periods and costs for each delivery. The standard delivery takes two to six days, but you enjoy free shipping. You can buy your product during Black Friday and wait a few days for it at no additional cost.

If you need your product sooner, you can opt for the express delivery that takes up to 4 days, costing $20 per order. For delivery within three business days, use the priority option, which costs $30 per order.

Walmart Black Friday Sale

Walmart is a retail giant known all over North America. The company offers various deals on a wide range of products. You can get one of the best Black Friday deals at their physical locations or online stores. Look for a promo code on the items you wish to buy to help you get the best discount.

Walmart Black Friday Deals on Electronics

You can get great Black Friday deals for electronics, such as T.V.s and game consoles. A Black Friday sale will help you buy products you may not afford at the regular price. You can make an in-store purchase or use their online platform to make a Black Friday purchase.

Walmart Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday deals are ideal for buyers who are looking for I.T. products. Walmart provides computers and other tech products at fair prices during this day. You can utilize it to get the best deals to fulfill your I.T. needs. It extends the Black Friday deals but only focuses on tech products.

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Amazon needs no introduction, especially when it comes to offering some of the best Black Friday deals for online shoppers. The company offers a wide selection of products making it convenient for almost every Canadian to knock off their Christmas buying list in one shot. They offer fair prices on home supplies, electronics, beauty products, and many more deals on virtually any type of product.

Amazon’s Black Friday deals are accessible to all Canadians and are usually a convenient option during the holiday season. You can visit the website to look for early Black Friday deals to make sure you don’t miss out on the product you desire. You can also get a solid deal and discount on various products before Black Friday.

Amazon’s Cyber Monday Sale

Amazon extends its Black Friday sales for a day to offer Cyber Monday deals for customers looking for I.T. products such as computers. You can order your item from the comfort of your home, especially during the busy holiday season, and have them deliver it at reduced prices.

Best Buy Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is an ideal time to buy an expensive gaming console that sometimes has a high regular price. Best Buy provides one of Canada’s best Black Friday deals for gaming enthusiasts. You can make an online purchase at the convenience of your home or office, and they will ship it to you.

Best Buy Early Black Friday Deals

Look out for early Black Friday deals, as these gaming consoles are usually in high demand, and you may miss out if you are too late. The company provides incredible deals on various products; you should check them out to fulfill your gaming needs at a fantastic price.

Apple Black Friday Deals

Apple is a big tech company offering highly sought-after products worldwide. Their items, such as the iPhones and the Apple Watch, are a bit pricey. Finding Black Friday product deals is usually best to ease the financial cost.

You can get a Black Friday deal on an Apple Watch and other products by visiting their website or going to one of their stores during the Black Friday season. You will get the best deals during Black Friday though you may have to wait in line for a long time.

Early Black Friday Deals on Apple Watch

Look for early Black Friday deals to ensure you get the famous Apple Watch with an 18 hr plus battery life before it sells out on Black Friday. The early access ensures you will get the item before it sells out.

Costco’s Black Friday

Costco is a great store known for having the lowest price on various items due to its bulk discounts. It also has the best Black Friday deals, offering additional savings on different goods. Costco’s Black Friday sale is an ideal opportunity to get multiple products for your home or office.

Costco Website

You can visit their website to locate your closest warehouse and make your orders. Their Black Friday deals will allow you to buy a wide range of products and save big. Look for early Black Friday deals to ensure you get the products while the stock lasts.

Costco Membership

Costco has a membership fee that allows you to have access to various benefits from the store. It will enable you to have access to the best Black Friday deals. You can use your membership at any outlet globally.

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is a great company that offers customers in-store shopping, pick-up, or delivery. It provides various products; you can get a Black Friday deal on most purchases. The solid discount on the products during the Black Friday and holiday season allows you to purchase at the lowest price.

Who Has the Best Black Friday Deals In Canada?

A Black Friday deal is an excellent opportunity to get the best prices from your favourite stores. The above companies provide the best Black Friday deals; Canadians have many options, from Lululemon’s stylish activewear to Walmart’s vast range of products and Amazon’s e-commerce extravaganza.

In our next update, we’ll tell you about Black Friday deals from Rogers, Tido, Telus, Sephora, and more!

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