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By Amylee Silva
June 23, 2023
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In our ever-connected digital world, shopping and sending packages for business shipping have radically transformed. Gone are the days of long queues at the post office or wrestling with bulky packages at the shipping services.

The rise of freight shipping has given birth to a new era of convenience, where clicking a button can send goods from one corner of the globe to another. 

This revolutionary change has been made possible by the emergence of online shipping companies like Canada Post, the unsung heroes behind the scenes of our seamless e-commerce experience.

But what exactly are these online shipping companies? How do the best shipping companies shape how we receive and send packages?  

Is your business sending large packages or small packages? Read on and learn the inner workings of these major carriers. We delve into the world of the best shipping companies.

Top Online Shipping Companies

Are you wondering which shipping company can cater to your e-commerce business? Here are some reliable shipping companies that offer shipping services across different countries:

Canada Post

Canada Post is the primary national postal courier in Canada. It holds the distinction of being the most extensive network in terms of volume. Since its establishment in 1867, this courier has provided comprehensive mail and package shipping services to all addresses nationwide.

With 6,200 post office locations, Canada Post ensures that shipping costs remain affordable and convenient for its customers. Additionally, the courier offers value-added services such as shipping insurance and signature confirmation to enhance the shipping experience.

Canada Post can ship internationally. It facilitates business shipping to over 190 countries worldwide, expanding its reach on an international scale.

Canada Post’s most sought-after domestic services with their delivery speed include:

  • Regular Parcel. Takes 2-9 business days.
  • Priority service. It guarantees next-day delivery for major urban centres.
  • Xpresspost service. 1 to 2 business days for local or regional delivery or within two business days for national shipments.

For international shipping, Canada Post uses offers multiple carriers services:

  • Priority Worldwide. Delivery is within 2-3 business days, depending on the destination
  • Xpresspost International. Delivery is expected within 4-7 business days.
  • Xpresspost USA. Delivery is within 2-3 business days.
  • Tracked Packet USA. Delivery is within 4-7 business days.

 FedEx Canada

With its US-based headquarters, FedEx stands tall as one of the major carriers. It spans the vast landscapes of Canada. 

It provides customers with a great shipping experience while delivering orders through the reliable channels of:

  • FedEx Ground 
  • FedEx Express/FedEx Air

Whether you need swift delivery or opt for the cheapest way for your shipment, FedEx has shipping options. It caters to your specific timeframe, ranging from as little as one day to a few weeks for domestic shipping.

Every shipping service they offer comes bundled with a tracking system that always keeps you in the loop while they are delivering packages. 

With FedEx, you can bid farewell to uncertainty and enjoy complete peace of mind. Even small packages for small businesses are handled with utmost care and precision.


UPS offers international shipping services. It is globally recognized as the leading provider of express parcel delivery services. Like FedEx, UPS is renowned for its prompt and dependable shipping, although there may be other best shipping companies with lower shipping costs. 

UPS Canada operates shipments within Canada and to the United States and international shipping.

To accommodate customer experience, UPS offers two primary shipping options. 

  1. For budget-friendly shipping costs, you can opt for UPS Ground.
  2. If you seek expedited delivery within 1-2 days, you can rely on UPS Overnight services, which guarantees goods reach customers swiftly.

If your priority is swift customer delivery, UPS is a viable choice for your small business.


Purolator is a well-regarded shipping company known for its efficient domestic and international shipping solutions. Purolator’s strong presence in Canada ensures it deals with all domestic shipments for your e-commerce business. It is cost-effective and has swift services, which include options for:

  • Economy
  • Same-day
  • Next-day shipping

Regarding global trade, Purolator has formed a strategic alliance with UPS. This partnership allows Purolator to seamlessly transport packages from the Canadian border to their delivery location worldwide. Importantly, this collaboration ensures that the shipping needs and process remains smooth without impacting delivery times or requiring extra effort from shippers. Its sales channels ensure your e-commerce business saves money.

Purolator offers two primary types of domestic shipping services:

  • Purolator Ground guarantees delivery within 2-4 business days.
  • Purolator Express delivers quick shipping in 1-2 business days.

DTDC Canada

With a presence in the Canadian shipping industry for over 25 years, DTDC Canada has established itself as a prominent player in online stores.

Operating in a vast network of over 10,000 locations, the company specializes in international shipping services at affordable shipping rates. It connects customers to more than 240 countries worldwide.

DTDC Canada prides itself on providing tailored shipping services for shipping operations and warehouse fulfilment at affordable prices. By implementing automation, the company effectively minimizes unnecessary operational costs. When you use DTDC, your shipping calculator will save money.

Moreover, DTDC warehouses are equipped with 24/7 security management and temperature control systems to ensure the utmost safety of packages.

DTDC offers a comprehensive range of many shipping services. Competitive rates and efficient customs clearance procedures characterize them.

ShippingChimp Canada

For those seeking a shipping service that has an affordable price and is highly efficient, use this shipping company. It emerges as the best shipping company. Trusted by numerous popular Canadian shipping labels, ShippingChimp offers compelling shipping services for your shipment.

By partnering with ShippingChimp, you can enjoy substantial savings of up to 53% on your eCommerce shipping within Canada, regardless of the destination.

Here are the key advantages:

  • ShippingChimp ensures a smooth and hassle-free shipping process.
  • Your brand logo and the theme will be incorporated into shipping notifications, allowing you to keep your customers informed about every stage of shipment transit.
  • ShippingChimp enhances customers’ post-checkout experience by providing an order tracking page. 
  • You can monitor shipment orders and deliveries in real-time. 


Online shipping companies like Canada Post, FedEx Canada, UPS, Purolator, DTDC Canada, and ShippingChimp have transformed shipping services. 

Whether it’s timely delivery, affordability, or tailored solutions, these shipping companies have become essential in our interconnected online business world.

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