Courier Software for Small Businesses

By Amylee Silva
July 10, 2023
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In today’s fast-paced world, where e-commerce is thriving, small businesses face a daunting challenge. How can they efficiently use delivery management software? How can they maintain excellent customer satisfaction? The answer lies in embracing a delivery management system.

By harnessing the power of technology, courier software empowers small businesses. It streamlines their order management, route optimization, and delivery business. It offers many features and functionalities explicitly designed to enhance the customer experience while optimizing delivery operations.

But beyond the buzzwords and intuitive smartphone apps that send delivery notifications, what tangible benefits can a courier software company bring to your small business?

Read on as we explore the best software options.

Understanding Courier Software

In the realm of shipping software, speed and precision are paramount. Courier software emerges as an important tool for small businesses seeking to optimize their delivery operations for courier companies.

But what exactly is the best courier software? How does it work?

Courier software is a specialized digital solution that helps businesses manage and streamline their delivery business.

It acts as a central hub, integrating various aspects of delivery management software, including

  • Order management software for small businesses
  • Dispatch software
  • Using route optimization tools
  • Tracking delivery process to both consumers and delivery drivers.

At its core, the courier software automates and simplifies tasks that were once cumbersome and time-consuming.

The courier system eliminates inefficiencies by consolidating these functions into a single courier software for small businesses. Not only does it minimize errors, but it also enhances delivery processes.

Key Features of a Courier Software

These are the key features that complete software for a small business should have.

  • It should efficiently process and track orders from creation to fulfillment. It should ensure accurate and timely delivery tracking for logistics companies.
  • Automate the assignment of drivers to deliver orders. It should optimize resources and minimize delays.
  • Plan the most efficient delivery routes based on distance, traffic, and time windows. It should maximize efficiency and reduce costs.
  • With track-optimized routes, it should provide real-time tracking updates to customers, allowing them to monitor their deliveries and receive timely delivery schedules.
  • Keep track of inventory levels, ensuring sufficient stock for timely order fulfillment.
  • Generate reports and analyze key metrics, such as sending delivery notifications, customer satisfaction, and driver performance. It should identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions for delivery companies.

Types of Courier Software

Here are examples of courier shipping software for your small business. takes pride in being Canada’s premier courier management system. The software allows customers to manage their shipments across multiple couriers.

Range of features and benefits:

  • Compare multiple courier rates
  • Create and print labels
  • Live tracking for all shipments offers free online shipping quotes with zero obligation for small businesses looking to save on business-to-business shipping within Canada.


DispatchTrack is a leading shipping software in last-mile delivery. Established in 2010, it was a leading global provider of furniture delivery and has since expanded into various sectors.

Features of this courier app:

  1. The software dynamically routes packages in real time driver tracking, adjusting routes to ensure an efficient customer experience.
  2. DispatchTrack provides communication tools that enhance collaboration and productivity throughout the delivery system.
  3. Real-time GPS tracking of the fleet, regardless of its size, with the ability to generate comprehensive reports effortlessly.
  4. Drivers can optimize their routes manually and monitor other drivers and agents through the software’s driver mobile app.

DispatchTrack offers a free trial version for users to try before committing to the full version of the shipping software.


Shippo is a unique multi-carrier eCommerce shipping software that revolutionizes courier management for businesses. With access to over 85 global carriers, Shippo allows users to

  • Compare real-time rates
  • Choose the most cost-effective and efficient shipping options considering operational costs.

Its seamless stand out service enables users to easily print delivery details and track packages from when they are dispatched until they get a delivery confirmation via automated sms notifications.

Shippo’s standout features are its ability to streamline customer portal notifications and delivery tracking for package returns.

Courier businesses can keep their customers informed every step of the way with automated customer notifications. It provides GPS tracking updates and estimated delivery times, ensuring a positive software shipping experience.

Shippo’s package return tools simplify the return process, making it hassle-free for businesses and customers.


ShipStation is an indispensable logistics software for eCommerce marketers looking to streamline their order fulfillment with the most straightforward courier system. It can consolidate orders from various sales channels like eBay, Amazon, and Magento with discounted shipping rates.

ShipStation simplifies the management of multiple platforms into a single dashboard solution with a user-friendly interface. This feature saves sellers valuable time and eliminates switching between courier services to process orders.

One of the standout aspects of this shipping software is its extensive integration with a wide range of shipping carriers and fulfillment providers. It enables sellers to choose the most suitable shipping options based on cost, speed, and reliability of delivery tracking.

ShipStation’s automation features further enhance efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, freeing up daily hours sellers can dedicate to other aspects of their business.

These features make ShipStation a must-have tool:

  • Combining order aggregation for easier customer management software.
  • Versatile shipping options for a small business.
  • It is a time-saving courier management system

Notiffi Track

Notiffi Track is an outstanding delivery management software designed explicitly for parcel management software. It offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the management of inbound packages for the courier business.

With its advanced scanning capabilities, Notifii Track allows mailroom staff to quickly scan and record information about incoming packets.

It creates a digital record that eliminates manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors in delivery software for small businesses. The software’s ability to notify recipients promptly about package arrivals ensures efficient communication and enables recipients to retrieve their packages promptly.

One key feature that sets this logistics software apart is its ability to capture signatures for proof of pickup and delivery. This feature provides an added layer of accountability and security, ensuring that the intended recipients properly receive packages. By digitizing the entire package tracking process, Notifii Track simplifies route optimization and enhances all delivery businesses:

  • Efficiency
  • Reduces the chances of lost or misplaced packages.


Route4Me is an exceptional shipping and logistics software that enhances route planning businesses. Its user-friendly interface makes creating, sharing, managing, and navigating optimized routes incredibly easy in the entire delivery process.

Whether in the field service, sales, marketing, merchandising industry, or any other business that requires last-mile optimization, Route4Me is one of the best courier software to streamline route optimization for your courier company.

The standout feature of Route4Me is its route planning, ensuring the most efficient delivery businesses.

By considering factors like traffic conditions, distance, and time constraints, Route4Me is the best courier software that helps businesses save time and resources.

With its seamless route planning and route optimization, companies can ensure that their field teams are equipped with the most optimized routes, resulting in improved productivity for delivery agents and customer satisfaction with delivery tracking.

Bottom Line

Courier software is an essential tool for small business owners seeking to optimize their delivery operations. It helps streamline the process and enhance customer experience while cutting down on overhead costs and errors.

The best courier software should provide the necessary features that efficiently process and track orders from creation to fulfillment and automate driver assignments for optimal delivery routes. It should also be able to generate reports, analyze key metrics, provide tracking updates, and keep track of inventory levels.

Ultimately, finding the right shipping software is crucial for any small business looking to maximize efficiency. It is important to determine which courier software best suits your needs and budget before committing to any one platform.

For those seeking a comprehensive delivery management system, consider for their respective features and benefits.

No matter what shipping software you choose, it is important to ensure that your business is equipped with the necessary tools to efficiently manage and streamline its delivery operations. With the right courier software, businesses can create a seamless customer experience while also cutting down on costs.

Upgrade your courier software today. Sign up free and with zero obligation to see how much you can save.

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