Economy shipping in 2024 and How it helps your Wallet

By Mona Sohal
August 4, 2022
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Editor’s note: This post was initially published in August 2022 and has since been revised for comprehensiveness.

Forget traffic jams and crowded stores! The eCommerce revolution is booming.This is your chance to scale your business beyond brick-and-mortar limitations. But how do you capture hearts (and wallets) in a competitive landscape? The answer lies in economy shipping.

Think door-to-door convenience at budget-friendly prices. On time shipments, happy customers, higher profits—it’s a win-win! In this article, we’ll unlock the secrets of economy shipping, turning it into your eCommerce superpower. So, buckle up and get ready to conquer the online world!

What is Economy Shipping?

Economy shipping is the slower but Cost effective option, like taking the bus instead of a taxi. It takes longer because it uses slower methods, like trucks and boats, but it costs much less than faster shipping options. You can still track your package and even require a signature for delivery for extra peace of mind.

Difference Between Economy And Other Shipping Options

Canada’s shipping is on the rise with various service offerings. Among them, economy shipping might be your new best friend. It’s the budget-conscious champ, perfect for small businesses. Think of it as the scenic route to savings, getting your package there safely and soundly, but at a slower pace.

But how does it stack up against other options? It’s time to compare shipping speeds! Buckle up; it’s going to get boxy!

Economy Vs. Standard Shipping

While standard shipping offers the advantage of faster delivery, the difference in speed compared to economy options may be quite minor. This can make economy shipping an attractive choice for those seeking cost savings without sacrificing too much on delivery timelines.

Nonetheless, the notable benefit of economical shipping is its lower cost. Which makes it appropriate for large, delicate, or huge items.

In international shipping, a notable difference becomes noticeable. Compared to standard options, economy international shipping takes longer to deliver. While it saves on cost, be prepared for a potential wait.

Beyond its affordability, economy shipping offers several potential advantages:

  • Increased profitability: Lower shipping costs translate to higher profit margins.
  • Reduced operational complexity: Economy shipping often utilizes established networks, simplifying logistics.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Budget-conscious customers appreciate affordable delivery options.

The decision between standard and budget shipping ultimately comes down to your personal needs. For both domestic and international deliveries, economy shipping can be a strong and worthwhile choice. If cost effectiveness is of the utmost importance and delivery windows are flexible. 

Economy Vs. Ground Shipping

Confused about economy shipping and ground shipping? Don’t sweat it, they’re practically shipping twins! Both use land transportation, like trusty trucks and trains, but there’s a twist.

Ground shipping is the broader term, covering any land-based delivery. While economy shipping is the secret ninja within that kingdom. It uses the cheapest possible land routes to get your package to its destination. Saving you some serious cash.

So, when to choose economy? If you’re on a tight budget and flexible with delivery times, economy is your knight in affordable armor. Just remember, it might take a few extra days compared to other options.

Ultimately, the choice is yours! Do you want the absolute lowest price or a slightly faster delivery? Weigh your options and choose the champion that fits your needs best.

Economy Vs. Express Shipping

Express shipping is like a rocket. Zoom! Package there in a flash, but hold onto your wallet because it’s going to cost you.

Economy shipping is more like a chilled-out cruise. Take the scenic route, save some serious cash, and maybe even enjoy the journey (well, for your package at least).

Need lightning speed? Express is your champion. But if you’re flexible on time and want to hug your budget, then economy is your best friend.

So, the choice is yours! Need for speed? Go express. Budget in mind? Economy awaits. Remember, no matter what you choose, your package will get there!

Now that we have talked about all the comparisons, here’s a quick overview of it –

Speed (Domestic)SlowerSlightly fasterSimilar to EconomyMuch faster
Speed (International)Much slowerSimilar to StandardN/AMuch faster
CostMost Cost EffectiveMore expensive than EconomySimilar to EconomyMost expensive
Delivery Time (Domestic)3-5 business days3-5 business days3-5 business days1-2 business days
Delivery Time (International)1-2 weeks+5-10 business daysN/A3-5 business days
NotesIdeal for non-urgent itemsGood balance of speed and costSame as Economy for domesticBest for time-sensitive shipments

Benefits of Economy Shipping 

Happy Customers, Happy You! But why is economy shipping making everyone smile?

Let’s find out –

Cost Effective Solution

Rising shipping costs can present a significant challenge for businesses of all sizes. However, fret not! Economical shipping solutions offer a viable alternative. Ensuring timely product delivery to satisfied customers without compromising your bottom line.

Think of it like this: You want to ship your stuff without it costing a fortune, right? Imagine that you could do that. Just like finding great deals at the discount store, your packages still get there quickly and safely. That’s what economical shipping is all about!

Regardless of your chosen path, economical shipping demonstrably reduces your operational expenses, translating directly to enhanced profitability and customer satisfaction. Embrace this strategic approach and alleviate the burden of excessive shipping costs.

P.S. Want to know more about creating your own in-house system or finding the perfect delivery partner? Know how it works!

Ideal For Big Or Fragile Orders 

Worried about fragile, oversized, and odd-shaped items causing shipping chaos? Don’t let those boxes build a tower of stress! Economy shipping is here to swoop in like a superhero and save the day.

Forget expensive expedited options! Economy shipping offers the best bang for your buck, especially when dealing with bulk and delicate items. 

Most couriers handle packages up to 150 lbs. for reasonable prices, meaning you can ship with confidence without breaking the bank.


  • Safe delivery for your precious cargo – no more worries about bumps and bruises!
  • Enough room for all your oversized friends say goodbye to “package too big” restrictions!
  • Cost Savings that make you smile 

So ditch the shipping stress and embrace the economy!

  • Tracking Reliably

No more wondering, “Where’s my package?” Economy shipping comes with instant, accurate tracking, just like a built-in GPS for your precious cargo. And the best part? With no time crunch, your deliveries move smoothly. Which in turn reduces the risk of lost parcels to practically zero.

This tracking system not only keeps you informed, but also wow-s your customers with a premium delivery experience. Talk about standing out from the retail crowd!

But wait, there’s more! Want to take your delivery game to the next level? Integrate your own delivery operations with a secret weapon: a delivery route planner with built-in tracking. This bad boy gives you lightning-fast, reliable updates, making your economical shipping even more efficient and awesome.

Shipper and Customer Tracking the Shipment

Before We Sail off

Big or small, save big on shipping with this reliable, budget-friendly hero. Send your stuff anywhere, anytime, with easy tracking that keeps you in the loop with Economy Shipping.

Treat your customers right with affordable options that won’t break the bank. Still on the fence?

Compare all your economy shipping options with our FREE ShipSimple platform or book a demo with our experts!

Don’t wait; ship smart and save today!!


How Good Is Economy Shipping?

Big boxes, small budget? Economy shipping has got your back!  Forget speedy but shaky deliveries, economy shipping wraps your heavy stuff in extra care, making it a safe and reliable choice. Think “bubble wrap for your packages” – they take a bit longer, but arrive happy and healthy.

What is free economy shipping?

Many online businesses allow clients to obtain their products without paying additional shipping fees by offering free economy delivery. Usually, parcel choice or ground shipment are the least expensive shipping options used by this provider.

How Long Does Standard Shipping Take?

Generally speaking, standard shipping takes at least two to five business days, depending on the destination and point of origin. Package delivery times may be slightly longer if you’re sending them to a remote area.

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