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By Amylee Silva
May 25, 2023
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Canada has several shipping companies offering local domestic shipping across the country. Some of Canada’s popular companies worth mentioning include FedEx, Purolator, UPS, Canada Post, DHL, Canpar, and Loomis. 

You’ll be spoilt with choices available for domestic shipping. Calculate shipping costs to know what you’ll pay beforehand. Also, comparing shipping costs can help you save on shipping costs.

Canada freight shipping differs from one courier to another. The services, terms and conditions, cost, and restrictions significantly differ. If you need your shipment delivered urgently, you can opt for expedited shipping. However, if your shipment is less time-sensitive, you can choose from the wide selection of standard shipping options.

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Canada Freight- Common Items Shipped

Below, we list the most common items couriers ship across Canada.

Shipping Boxes

When shipping boxes across Canada, you may need to package them properly to lower the shipping cost. Also, improper packaging of the boxes can lead to damage which may render your insurance void. Find a large box that fits your items well. If space is left, fill it with padding to prevent items from moving inside the box when transported.

You may also need to consider a shipping expert, especially when shipping small items. This way, you’ll take advantage of the ship’s expert volume discounts.

Shipping Luggage

The most cost-effective way of shipping luggage is by ground. However, when shipping luggage, consider the following factors.

Use cardboard boxes instead of luggage containers

Using cardboard boxes will save you from paying an additional handling fee—a fee imposed on items not encased in a cardboard box. Besides, it will cushion you against luggage loss.

Ship your items in manageable-size boxes

Pick a box that fits your luggage. Extra large boxes incur additional large package fees, which can cost up to $90. Alternatively, you can be charged oversize/overweight fees, which may go as high as $1200.


You need to consult with the freight company of your choice. Inquire about the cover they can offer your business and the documentation you’ll need to provide as proof of value. That’s because not all shipping companies offer insurance for personal belongings. 

Some courier services even have limitations on what belonging they’ll cover. These could include electronics, jewellery, and antiques, among others.

Shipping Clothes

You’ll realise that it’s quite easy to ship clothes than most of your belongings. That’s because you only need to fold them, and they are good to go. You don’t even have to worry about causing damage. 

Furthermore, clothes do not require large storage spaces. They could easily fit inside a single container. Do you want to cut costs on courier services? That’s a great starting point.

So when shipping clothes, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Use a cardboard box

Find a suitable size cardboard box that fits your clothes. Avoid using extra large shipping boxes, as you’ll incur more shipping costs. Also, avoid shipping your clothes in plastic bins, duffel bags, and suitcases. Such options will incur additional fees for poorly packed items, thus increasing your shipping price.

  • Use the correct box

The larger the box, the more the shipping cost. Also, shipping your clothes in a box meant for hanging clothes will increase the shipping cost. The trick is folding your clothes and packaging them in a small-size box.

  • Skip the insurance

Again, insurance doesn’t cover personal belongings unless they are new and you have proof of value.

Shipping Electronics

Packaging is a critical part when shipping electronics. Proper packaging cushions you from damage. Therefore, you should select the right-size box for each electronic. If their original boxes are available, the better. Sensitive/fragile items should be packaged in double boxes.

Consider insurance if your electronics are of high value. The insurance cover will cushion you against damage or loss of your electronics. Also, expedited shipping works best for electronic shipping, ensuring minimal handling to reduce the chances of damage or loss. However, expedited shipping is more expensive.

Shipping Tires

Tires are bulky, and most shipping companies charge an additional handling fee. However, the tips below can help you save on shipping costs when shipping tires across Canada.

  • Use boxes to ship your tires

Putting your tires in boxes will save you some cash when shipping them. Well-packed tires mean less handling, thus less or no handling fee. You can use multiple boxes to reduce the weight of the shipment and avoid handling fees. Ensure the boxes you use are large and sturdy.

  • Secure the shipping label

The shipping label can easily peel off the tire, leading to the loss of your tires. To ensure your tires reach the target destination, secure the labels well—you can have them on all tires.

Shipping Snowboard

Like tires, snowboards are bulky. They are also inflexible, and you may incur additional handling fees when shipping them across Canada. Most couriers have specific size and weight limits for snowboards when shipping them. If your snowboard surpasses this limit, you’ll pay more.

Shipping Process for Canada Freight

Follow the steps below when shipping your merchandise across Canada.

  1. Enter shipment details. You’ll need weight, postal codes, and type of shipment.
  2. Receive quote and booking instructions. You can manage your shipment from your phone, tablet, or PC.
  3. Print the shipping label and give it to the driver. Track your shipment online until delivery.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Within Canada?

There is no definite estimate of the shipping cost within Canada. Different couriers have different shipping prices, which vary depending on several factors. 

Ground shipping is the cheapest shipping option, especially when shipping small packages. However, less-than-truck (LTL) shipping is more cost-effective for large packages.

While ground shipping is the cheapest, it is not the fastest option. So, if you need fast deliveries, consider other options.

Below are the factors that affect the shipping cost across Canada.

  • Package size
  • Shipping distance
  • Delivery speed
  • Fuel cost
  • Package insurance

More About Local Residential Delivery

Here’s more about residential fees and remote delivery addresses for local residential delivery in Canada.

Residential Fee

Several couriers charge a residential fee for local deliveries. This fee covers the cost that the shipping company incurs when they are forced to store items in their depot. This usually happens after several attempts of unsuccessful deliveries.

To avoid this fee, request that the package be delivered to your work address or held for pickup.

Remote Delivery Address

All the major carriers across Canada charge an extra fee if your shipment is delivered to small remote areas—mainly those only accessible at certain times of the year. You can avoid this fee by asking the shipment recipient to pick up the package from another location—a more accessible one.

Shipping packages across Canada can only be cost-effective if you choose the exemplary service. Suppose your package allows you to consider shipping with Canada Post‘s Regular Parcel service. They have cheap shipping services, and deliveries are between two and nine business days, depending on location. Also, consider a flat rate box if your package fits. Lastly, a shipping expert can also help you save on shipping costs across Canada.

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